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Buy Valorant Accounts - Trusted Valorant Account Marketplace

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About Valorant

igitems is the best place to find Valorant Immortal accounts for sale. All types of awesome skins and banners can be yours with just one click! Why start from scratch when you can get the highest quality Valorant account today.

Valorant is a new first-person hero shooter game that was released in June of 2020. The game is set in a modern-day city, and players battle it out in team-based combat. The game's objective is to work with your team to complete various objectives, such as assassinating enemy players. There are also a variety of weapons and abilities available to players, which allows for a high level of customization and strategy. Valorant has been praised by gamers and critics alike for its intense action and well-crafted maps. If you're looking for a new shooter to try out, be sure to check out Valorant.

A roster of characters, known as agents in Valorant, add a distinct personality to the game, each bringing along a unique set of abilities. There are currently 17 agents in Valorant, representing four classes: Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels.

Players are placed into different combat scenarios with their teammates, where they battle against the enemy team to complete objectives. There are a variety of weapons available for players to use, each of which can be customized with skins. Skills are also available for players, allowing them access to abilities such as invisibility or shields. It's an intense experience that requires teamwork and strategy if you want your entire team to survive.

As a 5v5 agent-based tactical shooter with a refreshing innovation, Valorant is very exciting because it features two teams of five fighting against one another, trying to defend or destroy objectives while racking up frags to win rounds and move on until one team gets the victory. This game has an interesting mechanic where players switch sides after many rounds and the group that gets the most rounds wins. This switches players' sides between defense and offense to ensure players are always ready for battle, even if your group was victorious earlier.

This game has an amazing choice of weapons for players. As a strategic shooter, the game provides many different types and styles of rifles, shotguns and machine guns that make it more challenging to kill your opponents before they can do so first. The Valorant game developers have cleverly designed their system so that every weapon has a particular recoil pattern. If you know how to control yours, your odds of getting lucky in this cross-platform shooter greatly increase.

Why Buy A Valorant Account?

Riot Games has done an excellent job of advertising the Valorant game. You might have seen more than a few ads on YouTube and other social media platforms, but did you know that it is entirely free? When signing up with Riot for your profile page, you don't need to pay anything upfront, and there are no future subscription charges. However, this also means everyone starts at rock bottom.

Do you have enough time on your hands and patience to progress your rank from unrated? No problem. If you don't have that extravagance, buying a Valorant account is the best alternative. Here at igitems we offer Valorant accounts across all ranks so players can start playing right away without having to worry about level progression or matchmaking limitations. And if you're an experienced FPS gamer, it's even better to go with us! A high-rank Valorant account helps you dodge teammates lacking skills and game senses.

With multiple cool skins to choose from in this game, many players want to stand out among others. But getting stylish doesn't always come at a low price. Some rare, limited, and exclusive edition skins can cost a fortune. However, buying a high-value Valorant account that has the coolest skins and a high rank costs much less money and time than collecting the skins one by one and achieving that rank yourself.

Do you want to show off your high rank and refreshing look in front of your friends without a huge time investment? Shop with iGitems and buy your dream Valorant account today!

What Types of Valorant Accounts Are for Sale?

Valorant Smurf Accounts are the best way to start fresh, play with friends, purchase skins and weapons or rank up. There are unlikely to be any skins on a Valorant smurf account. These smurf accounts were created for competitive play, and our professionals have played 20 unrated matches, which means they're ranked-ready.

Some people like to buy a Valorant account with skins, but it can be expensive compared to the basic ones. Valorant accounts with skins can be found in a higher quality range of Valorant accounts listed on iGitems.

We offer accounts of all ranks so you can find a Valorant account that's just right for your needs, including Ranked-Ready (Unranked), Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal accounts, each serving a slightly different purpose of gameplay, ranking and cosmetics.

What Makes Valorant Stand out?

Valorant is unique and popular because it is a new and innovative FPS game that offers something different than other games in the same genre. The game has a unique abilities system that allows players to customize their playstyle, and the fast-paced action ensures that players are always engaged. Additionally, the game's microtransactions are not overly intrusive, meaning that players can enjoy the game without spending a lot of money. These factors have contributed to Valorant becoming one of the most prevalent FPS games on the market. Valorant is also benefiting from the current popularity of battle royale games. Battle royale games are viral right now, and many gamers are looking for new titles to try out. Valorant offers a unique experience that is different from Fortnite and PUBG, so it has been able to attract a large number of players. The game's popularity will continue to grow as more and more gamers become aware of it.

5 Pro Tips on How to Improve at Valorant

The FPS game Valorant is a new title that has quickly gained popularity. If you want to get better at playing it, here are some pro tips to follow. 1. Practice makes perfect The more you practice playing Valorant, the better you will become like any other skill. Set aside some time each day to play the game and work on your techniques. You can also join a gaming community or clan to get more exposure and learn from others. 2. Learn the maps Each map in Valorant has its own unique set of challenges. Learning the layout of each map and what areas are most advantageous for your team will help you play better. You can also use the maps to your advantage by playing on weaker positions or positions that are near the objective. 3. Be aware of your team and enemies Awareness is vital in Valorant. Always keep an eye out on your side of the map to know where allies are located and what direction enemies are coming from. Pay attention to the chatbox, as it will notify you when action is happening elsewhere on the map. This kind of awareness will help you avoid firefights with superior opponents, which is essential for survival. Also, communicating with teammates can enhance team coordination, making taking objectives much more accessible. 4. Strategize before starting a match Before entering a match of Valorant, strategize with teammates about what position to take, how to handle multiple enemies, and which team composition will work best. Have one teammate be the leader while others fall in line with the leader's strategy for maximum success. 5. Stay active To get better at Valorant, you have to stay on top of your game by staying active. Keep playing matches on a regular basis so you can learn new techniques and improve your overall rank. Try getting together with friends or other players so you can play more often and have fun doing it. Remember that any skill takes time and effort to master, but if you keep working at it, you will become a pro Valorant gamer in no time!

Top-notch Valorant Accounts Delivered Fast through iGitems

We know that getting started in Valorant can be frustrating without help. That's why our marketplace provides instant access to all types of Valorant accounts for players who need a little push or guidance through the game, so they don't have to suffer frustration with rank or spend too much over skin collections. We also understand how hard it may feel when playing such games where gameplay is king and various challenges come at every turn; the same goes for you if you're entirely new to the genre. iGitems is one of the most trusted sites available regarding Valorant account trading, and we want to make your game experience less stressful. With iGitems, you can start as high as Immortal in Valorant, show off the coolest skins in front of your friends, and focus more on improving your gameplay.

Are You Looking to Sell Valorant Accounts?

If you no longer need your Valorant account or are looking for a way to turn your digital treasures into real-world cash, you can stop searching! iGitems is the ultimate marketplace where an avalanche of buyers eagerly search and purchase Valorant accounts on a daily basis. You can register for free as a verified seller and set the account price to whatever you want - all in an easy-to-use interface and 100% secure payment system so it's no wonder why we've been loved by our exponentially growing user base. If you're interested in learning the details of how to become a verified Valorant account seller, don't hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 live chat or shoot us an email or message through Discord/Twitter/Skype. What could be cooler than making money in a video game? Seize the opportunity and list your Valorant accounts on iGitems today!