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Best Enemy Highlight and Crosshair Colors in Valorant

When it comes to competitive gaming, every detail matters. In a game like Valorant, where split-second decisions can make or break a match, optimizing your settings can give you the edge you need. One often overlooked aspect is the color of your enemy highlight and crosshair. In this article, we delve into the science behind choosing the best colors for these crucial elements.

Why Red for Enemies?

The Psychology of Red

In Valorant, using red as the enemy highlight color can make you more alert and responsive. The heightened attention triggered by the color red can be a significant advantage in fast-paced games where reaction time is crucial.

Why Cyan or Neon Green for Crosshair?

The Power of Contrast

For the crosshair, colors like cyan or neon green are recommended. These colors stand out against most backgrounds and are less likely to blend in. High-contrast elements are easier for human visual perception to process, allowing for quicker alignment and more precise aiming.

The Calming Effect of Green

Green is known to promote restfulness and calm, improving efficiency and focus. This makes it an excellent choice for a crosshair color, as it helps you concentrate better while aiming.

Optimal Color Settings

Color Temperature

A slightly cooler color temperature, around 6500K, can improve focus and concentration. This complements the urgency of enemy highlighting and keeps your attention engaged.


Adjust the brightness to a level that allows you to clearly see details without causing discomfort. Excessive brightness can strain your eyes over time.

Hue and Saturation

Enhance the red and green hues subtly to make enemies and crosshairs pop, respectively. However, avoid oversaturation, as it can create artificial colors that may confuse your visual perception.


Increase the contrast moderately to further enhance the distinction between your crosshair, enemies, and the game environment.


Understanding the psychology and science behind color choices can give you an edge in Valorant. By optimizing your enemy highlight and crosshair colors, as well as your Nvidia/AMD color settings, you can improve your gameplay and perhaps even climb the ranks faster.

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