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What is Kick? The New Streaming Platform Explained

In the ever-evolving landscape of live streaming, a new platform called Kick is making waves. With its creator-friendly approach and unique features, Kick is quickly becoming a popular alternative to established platforms like Twitch. In this article, we'll delve into what Kick is, how it stands out, and why it's attracting a growing number of streamers and viewers.

What is Kick?

Kick is a live-streaming service that launched on December 1, 2022. It caters primarily to gamers but also offers a variety of other content. Much like Twitch, Kick allows users to stream their own content, engage with viewers through a chat section, and receive donations. The platform is backed by Stake.com, an online casino that deals with cryptocurrency.

What Makes Kick Unique?

One of the most appealing aspects of Kick is its revenue model for streamers. Unlike Twitch, which takes a 50% cut from top streamers' subscription revenue, Kick only charges a 5% fee. This means streamers get to keep a whopping 95% of their earnings from subscriptions. Additionally, Kick has less stringent moderation compared to Twitch, which has its pros and cons.

Who's Streaming on Kick?

Kick has attracted a number of high-profile streamers, including xQc, brucedropemoff, and Amouranth. The platform's low revenue charge and the potential for higher earnings have been significant draws.

Games on Kick

Kick is not just about traditional gaming; it also offers streams related to popular games like Valorant. You can even find streams that focus on in-game items, such as skins, which adds another layer of engagement for viewers.

Content Categories

Kick offers a broad range of content categories to cater to diverse viewer interests. These include:

  • Games: From MMOs to esports tournaments.
  • IRL: Everyday topics like cooking, news, and travel.
  • Music: DJ sets, live music, and more.
  • Gambling: Slots, casinos, poker, and sports betting for viewers aged 18+.
  • Creative: Digital art, video production, and graphic design.
  • Alternative: Miscellaneous content like crypto trading and politics.

The Creator Incentive Program

Kick goes beyond just offering a better revenue share; it also has a Creator Incentive Program that aims to provide a steady income for streamers. This program guarantees a minimum monthly income based on the number of hours streamed and the level of viewer engagement. This is a game-changer in the streaming world, as it offers a safety net for content creators, allowing them to focus more on producing quality content rather than worrying about fluctuating income.


Kick is a promising new player in the live streaming arena. With its low revenue charge, less stringent moderation, and a wide array of content, it offers both streamers and viewers a compelling alternative to platforms like Twitch. Whether you're looking to win big with your Valorant skills or simply want to explore new content, Kick might just be the platform for you.

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