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The Ultimate Guide to Clan Capital in Clash of Clans to Improve Your Game

Clash of Clans is a trendy mobile game that updates frequently to bring something new to its active user base. In a recent update, they removed flags that allowed players to showcase their nationality.


Clan Capital is one of the newest and most popular features added to the game. This exciting game mode allows players to build their capital and compete against other clans for dominance.


In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about Clan Capital to help you understand how to play this game mode and some tips to help you succeed.


Understanding the Basics of Clan Capital


Clan Capital consists of several districts where you must use Capital Gold, which you get by converting Home Village and Builder Base using the Forge to contribute to the buildings in the district.


To participate in Clan Capital, you must first be in a clan (XP level 2 or more) and have a Town Hall upgraded to level 6. The higher the level of your Capital Hall, the more villages your clan can unlock.


The primary goal of Clan Capital is to work together with your team and battle enemies for Capital Gold and other rewards.


What You Need to Know About Clan Capital


Some gamers prefer coaching lessons to help them improve at the game, while others like reading guides and tips to improve. Here, we will guide you on the critical aspects of Clan Capital.


The Flying Machine, Forge, and the Trader


To fortify your clan and ensure you have a strong defense, you need to work towards getting the flying machine, upgrading your Forge, and visiting the trader to get objects that are often difficult to obtain.


Capital Districts


Capital Districts are areas of your Clan Capital that you can customize and upgrade. Each district has a unique purpose, such as producing resources, training troops, or defending your Capital. Planning your Capital layout carefully is essential to make the most of each district.


Each district has a different theme that helps gamers unlock troops, spells, and buildings critical to their success.


Raid Weekends and Capital Raids


Raid Weekends are special events every weekend, during which you can earn bonuses (Capital Gold and Raid Medals) by participating in Clan Capital battles.


Capital Raids are large-scale battles that pit multiple clans against each other, with the winning clan earning many Clan Medals. The event has 50 players that can battle up to 5 times during the three-day raid. Interestingly, the damage done by one player does not reset, and the traps set by gamers do not re-arm until the event ends!


District Friendly Challenges


District Friendly Challenges allow players to test their skills against each other in a controlled environment. This can be a great way to practice and refine your strategies before taking on other clans in more serious battles.


Players participating in District Friendly Challenges must attack using the Capital Army. The player who initiates the Challenge can join the attacks, but only one Challenge per District can be active at a time.


Clan Capital Layouts


Having the best layout is crucial to succeed in the Clan Capital event. Clan Members can contribute to building the best base, but only the Leader and Co-Leaders can make changes.


Changes made during the Raid Weekend event will not occur until matchmaking ends. Currently, there is no option to copy base layouts for Capital Peak, so players must manually arrange their bases.


Terrains and Defenses


There are different terrains and defenses in Clan Capital. The terrains include water, cliffs, and bridges, which can impact troop movement.


On the other hand, there are many defenses, including Cannon, Super Wizard Tower, Mega Tesla, Blast Bow, Multi Cannon, Rapid Rockets, and Capital Hall.


Each defense has a unique ability to defend against ground or air units, causing splash damage or zapping enemies, among other things.


Army Training


Clan Capital allows troops to be battle-ready without training time. The Training option is accessible in the Army Camp of Clan Districts, with the total army camp size being the combined strength of all the Capital Districts.


Unlocked troops and spells are available for all battles, regardless of the player's level. Players cannot use Heroes from Builder Base and Home Village during battles.


Troops and Spells


Players need to build individual barracks for each troop to unlock troops in the Clan Capital, unlike in the Home Village. Upgrading the barracks automatically upgrades the troops.


The Clan Capital has 14 troops and five spells, each requiring a Spell Factory. Spells remain active throughout attacks and are carried over to the next battle in the same Clan District. Upgrading the factories upgrades the spells, which can be something for players to focus on.




Players can earn rewards through Capital Gold and Raid Medals in the game. To upgrade buildings, you need Capital Gold which you can earn by crafting Home Village and Builder Base resources available in the Forge.


You can earn Raid Medals through Clan Capital attacks and use them to buy troops, donate Clan Castle troops, and trade items. Players can check their total rewards for offensive and defensive results and the total Capital loot earned after the Raid Weekend.


With so many players playing simultaneously, it can affect the downloading time of updates. If you're having issues downloading issues or are experiencing slow speeds, check out our troubleshooting guide.

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