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Clash of Clans Not Loading? Try the Following

Before each update, Clash of Clans is tested in detail on several platforms to ensure it is in top working condition. However, there are times when initial game installation, updates, or server maintenance creates issues in specific devices.


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Most Common Loading Problems


  • Clash of Clans Doesn't Load


Sometimes downloading Clash of Clans gets stuck in a loading loop or doesn't even start. It can also happen during an upgrade. Restarting the game often corrects this, but there are times that even that also fails.


  • Loading Takes Forever


The size of the Clash of Clans application can affect the download speed, especially with limited space on your device. In this situation, the download can take hours or even days if you are willing to wait for that long. 


During an update, check the installation file size in the relevant app store and compare it to your available space. It will help you estimate how long the download might take.


Here are a few ways for you to identify the download and loading issues and tips on how you can fix them. 


The Troubleshooting Process


We hope the alternatives listed below make it easier for you to launch Clash of Clans and speed up the download. We welcome your comments at the end of this article if you are aware of any further options.


  • Turn Off, Turn On


Restarting your device is a popular troubleshooting method. The restart has a weird way of fixing issues on most smartphones and tablets. 


  • Bad Internet Connection


A bad internet connection is often why most players experience loading issues when playing Clash of Clans.


First, check if you are still connected to a network at all. After establishing this, try visiting another link to see if the problem is exclusive to the game or not. 


If the other link works, then the problem is definitely not from your device. 


Mobile network stability also plays a huge role if you are not using WiFi. However, this internet connection is not advisable for any download due to the amount of data it consumes. Your game may take forever to download because you are out of data.


The problem above is why some devices have a default setting to prevent downloads over mobile internet connections. You may have to remove that setting for everything to work.


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  • Login Again to Application Store


It is common for application stores to develop problems after an operating system update. 


Sometimes you get logged out after the update, and you might have to log in again with your details. 


  • Check the Server Status


The application store servers that host Clash of Clans can sometimes be down, causing issues with loading.


  • Clear the Cache


Always try to clear the cache of your application and restart it.


  • Delete the App and Reinstall


Clearing everything from your device and reinstalling the application is a viable solution. You only have to ensure that you first back up game data somewhere before you do it so that you don't lose your achievements.


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The procedures mentioned should help you correct the loading issue with your Clash of Clans game. 

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