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Why Clash of Clans Removed Flags?

Clash of clans is an online game that became very popular over the last few years among both PC and mobile users. One of the reasons why many people love it is that unlike a lot of similar community online games it is very simple to master and play.


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The game itself involves a player setting up a stronghold in a fictional world that is populated by other online players. Each player is tasked with ensuring the safety and prosperity of their village using a wide range of tools at their disposal, such as:


  • Mining activities
  • Magical abilities
  • An army
  • Building defensive structures
  • Expanding their territory
  • Raiding neighboring clans
  • Forming alliances with other players


As the game progresses, good players can amass a lot of fictional wealth and prosperity to the point where they can become respected clans in their chosen alliances.


What Was the Purpose of the Flags?


One feature that has always been a regular part of the game was the option to buy flags that represent a player's nationality. While not having any very important function other than for decorative purposes, it was a nice feature to have. In fact, most players were eager to purchase their country's flag as soon as their gold reserves permitted.


The only possible advantage of having a national flag would be perhaps when it came to the forging of alliances. It is conceivably a little easier to team up with a player from the same country.


However, with the way the online community interacts, nationality is not as important as other game attributes such as skill and strength. Therefore, while a lot of people were sad to see them go, the flags will not be missed for too long.


What the Game Developers Said


Supercell is the company behind Clash of Clans and as such, the decision to remove the flags was theirs. As of now, the developers have not given players an official reason regarding their decision. The only clue is their so-called desire to keep the game separate from real-world references.


Moreover, the world has certainly been rocked with a lot of political turmoil over the last year. As such, the game developers would have been keen to prevent any ill will from affecting how players enjoy the game.


From that point of view, it makes sense why they would bother to make such an insignificant change to a widely popular game. They have already refunded all the "money" that players had used to purchase the flags and for now everyone is using fictional flags. Get your brand new Clash of Clans account today!


What Does This Mean for Players?


There is not much impact on the gameplay when it comes to the removal of the flags. Regular players will be worried about any other changes that may affect their clan strength.

If the game does make other changes, we will be sure to update you.


However, for now, it seems like being forced to waive a regular fictional flag that costs nothing is the only suffering players are likely to endure.

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