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How to Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans


Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore clan member, you've likely needed gems at some point. 

Gems are the most valuable resource in the game, but they're also the most challenging to obtain.

While searching the internet, you may have come across numerous sites claiming to provide free gems in exchange for completing surveys.

However, these sites are often scams and should be avoided.

Instead, this article will explore five legit ways to get free gems in Clash of Clans.

Method 1: Rebuild and Upgrade Your Gem Mine

The Gem Mine is not just another feature, it's a passive way to generate free gems!

To access the Gem Mine, you must first unlock the Builder Base. Once you've reached the Builder Base, upgrade to Builder Hall level 3 to rebuild your Gem Mine. At its maximum level, the Gem Mine generates 5.04 gems daily.

We recommend collecting the gems every 4-5 days to maximize your gem income. Upgrading the Gem Mine should be a priority, as it provides a consistent stream of gems without requiring additional effort.

Gold MIne

Method 2: Participate in Clan Games and Events

The game regularly has clan games and special events with gem rewards, these rewards can make it a lucrative opportunity to earn gems.

Clan Games typically occur once a month and last for several days. During this time, players can earn points by completing tasks like winning multiplayer battles, destroying specific buildings, or using certain troops.

Clan Games

Accumulating enough points will unlock tier rewards, which often include many gems. Similarly, special events like the Clan War Leagues or the Season Challenges provide additional opportunities to earn gems by participating in clan-based activities or reaching specific milestones. You can check the next in-game events here.

Method 3: Clear Obstacles and Decorations

Clearing the obstacles and decorations randomly appearing in your base is another way to earn free gems.

Trees, bushes, rocks, and other objects can be removed for a small amount of elixir, and there's a chance they will reward you with 1-6 gems upon removal.


Also, the more free space you have on your base, the more frequently these obstacles spawn. However, watch for rarer obstacles like the Gem Box, which appears randomly and grants 25 gems when cleared. 

Method 4: Complete Achievements

Achievements in Clash are long-term goals that reward players with gems for reaching specific milestones.


Numerous achievements are available in-game, from simple tasks like upgrading your Town Hall to challenging feats like reaching high trophy counts.

Completing all available achievements can provide a massive amount of gems! Some of the best achievements include:

  • Reaching various trophy thresholds (up to 3,250 gems)
  • Completing the Single Player Campaign with 150 stars (35 gems)
  • Upgrading your Barbarian King and Archer Queen to high levels (up to 250 gems each)
  • Winning a large number of multiplayer battles (up to 1,000 gems)
  • Focus on achieving these high-value goals to maximize your gem income over time.

Method 5: Be Patient and Save Up

While it may not be the most exciting method, patience and saving up your gems are surefire ways to accumulate significant amounts over time.

To do so, avoid spending gems on unnecessary items like speeding up construction times or instantly completing upgrades. Instead, focus on using your gems for essential purchases like builder huts, which will help you progress faster in the long run.

Participate in events, clear obstacles, and work towards achievements consistently, and you'll find your gem count growing steadily.

Bonus Tip: Earn Gems through Referrals

Clash recently introduced the Refer a Friend program, which allows players to earn gems by inviting their friends to play Clash of Clans. When a referred friend reaches Town Hall level 6, the referrer and the friend will receive 500 gems each. This is an excellent way to earn some extra gems quickly, especially if you have friends interested in trying out the game.


While picking up free gems in Clash of Clans may seem challenging, several methods exist. You can accumulate many gems over time by rebuilding and upgrading your Gem Mine, participating in Clan Games and events, clearing obstacles, completing achievements, and being patient. Remember, if all fails, here at igitems, we're here to help with cheap gems for sale! 

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