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Call of Duty Mobile Items

Take your game to the next level with rare CoD Mobile items.

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Welcome to igitems - Your Premier Source for Call of Duty Mobile Items

Call of Duty Mobile is an action-packed, free-to-play first-person shooter game that brings the thrill of the Call of Duty franchise to mobile devices. Enhancing your gameplay with valuable in-game items can make the experience even more enjoyable and give you a competitive edge. At igitems, we offer a wide selection of Call of Duty Mobile items, allowing you to elevate your game and stand out.

Most Popular Call of Duty Mobile Items

Call of Duty Mobile offers an extensive range of in-game items to collect and use in your battles. Some of the most valuable and sought-after items include:

Weapon skins not only change the look of your guns but can also showcase your style and achievements. Look for exclusive and limited-edition weapon skins, such as those from events or collaborations, to make your weapons truly unique.

Character skins can give your in-game avatar a fresh appearance and demonstrate your commitment to the game. Seek out rare and exclusive character skins, including those from popular franchises, to stand out on the battlefield.

COD Points and credits are crucial in-game currencies that unlock new items, weapons, and characters. Having a substantial amount of these resources can help you access valuable assets and enhance your gameplay experience.

As you progress through tiers, battle Passes offer exclusive rewards, such as weapon skins, character skins, and other in-game items. Opt for accounts with completed or advanced Battle Passes to enjoy an array of exclusive benefits.

Boosts and consumables, such as XP cards and weapon EXP cards, can help you level up faster and unlock new features more quickly. Stock up on these valuable resources to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Exclusive Weapon Skins
  2. Rare Character Skins
  3. COD Points & Credits
  4. Battle Passes & Tiers
  5. In-Game Boosts & Consumables

Enhance Your Call of Duty Mobile Experience with igitems

At igitems, we understand the importance of having the best items possible when playing games like Call of Duty Mobile. Our wide selection of rare and valuable in-game items allows you to customize your experience and gain a competitive edge. Whether you're a pro or a novice, igitems has the perfect items to help you dominate the battlefield and make your mark in Call of Duty Mobile. Don't wait any longer – upgrade your game with exclusive Call of Duty Mobile items from igitems today!