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How to Attack "Pick Your Poison" in Clash of Clans?

Are you struggling to get three stars to complete the Goblin Map "Pick Your Poison" in Clash of Clans? You've come to the right place!

Between 2018 and 2020, fans were excited to discover what the new updates brought, including balance changes, new clan games, and many new Goblin Maps.

Actually, the Clash of Clans October 2018 update marked the first time the game expanded the options in its Single Player campaign. However, many players struggled to complete the "Pick Your Poison" level.

Fortunately, here's all the information you need about the easiest but most efficient method to attack "Pick Your Poison." Read on!

What Is a Goblin Map?

In Clash of Clans, players can engage in battles against Non-Player Character (NPC) Goblins and their preset villages.

These battles are known as "Single Player Campaigns" and account for 90 levels in the game. Each one allows players to achieve three stars, earning 270 in total after completing them all.

Each single-player level has different Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir rewards. A player can raid them from Town Halls or each level's storage.

The Single Player Campaign offers a few other achievements besides resource rewards, including gems for achieving a specific number of stars and slaying the Giant Dragon upon reaching the "Dragon's Lair level or the M.O.M.M.A in the "M.O.M.M.A's Madhouse" level.

Also, although there are some exceptions, the basic mechanics for the single-player levels are the same as in the multiplayer campaign.

Although the rewards for completing Goblin Map levels may not seem so attractive, it will be interesting to attack "Pick Your Poison" and beat it. Are you ready to do it? Check out the information below!

What Do You Need?

This strategy for this Goblin Map is suitable for players who are Town Hall 9 or higher. It's important to keep that in mind to avoid wasting essential resources.

However, players who do Goblin Maps at a higher Town Hall will have more higher-level heroes, higher troop levels, more space to take their troops with them, and other advantages.

Now that you know these crucial recommendations, let's go over more specific information about the Goblin Map "Pick Your Poison" and what you might need.

The recommended Town Hall level for this new Goblin Map is 12. Additionally, players must have 750,000 Gold, 750,000 Elixir, and 7,500 Dark Elixir available.

A CoC player at this level will also need several troops, including some you probably know as Clan Castle troops. These are:

  • 20 Balloons
  • 8 Wall Breakers
  • 5 Wizards
  • 3 Minions
  • 3 Barbarian King
  • 3 Archer Queen
  • 2 Healers
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Healing Spell

Strategy to Attack the Goblin Map "Pick Your Poison"

Do you have what you need to fight this battle? If so, this is the easiest method to earn three stars and complete the Goblin Map "Pick Your Poison." Follow these steps:

  • Take out bottom compartment Cannons by using Balloons
  • Use an extra Balloon and Wizard to take out the left side Cannon that you can still see there
  • Once Cannons are not getting in your way, take out the powerful Eagle Artillery defense with your Minions
  • While Minions are attacking the Eagle Artillery, move onto the second compartment
  • Defuse the bombs located in front of Wizards Towers by dropping more Balloons
  • Use the Queen Walk right after completing the previous step
  • With your Wizards, target the Eagle Artillery and eliminate all the air defenses
  • Be patient and wait until all bottom, top, and right Eagle Artilleries have fallen
  • Drop 2 Rage Spells and about 15 Balloons from Archer Towers
  • And that's it!

During the final phases, you can use the Healing Spell, but you probably won't need it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, attacking the Goblin Map "Pick Your Poison" is not as difficult as it sounds. You just need enough resources and the right strategy.

Ideally, only players at Town Hall 12 and higher should try to earn the three stars in this Goblin Map. However, this strategy is suitable for players from Town Hall 9 and up

There are other strategies to beat "Pick Your Poison." You don't even need your Grand Warden to implement them if you have your Queen and your King.

However, this is definitely the easiest method you'll be able to try if you're looking for a quick and effective way to attack this new Goblin Map.

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