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Exploring the New Troops in Clash of Clans: A Comprehensive Guide

Updates are always fascinating, and Clash of Clans has a recent one. Its developers have unveiled new additions, all available from June 2023.

The latest Clash of Clans update brings many things you'll enjoy, such as new buildings and potions. However, this article focuses on the new troops. Here's all the information you need!

Understanding the New Additions

Two new troops are available after the June 2023 update: the Apprentice Warden and the Super Hog Rider.

Apprentice Warden

The Apprentice Warden is a new Dark Elixir Troop. If you want to acquire it, you need to upgrade your Dark Barracks to at least level 10. Therefore, it requires a Town Hall level 13.

Like the Grand Warden, the Apprentice Warden has Life Aura and can support other troops, providing a health bonus to surrounding units.

Although its percentage increase is lower than the Grand Warden's, his Life Aura affects almost all other ground and air units, including Siege Machines and Heroes. Also, the HP is unlimited.

There's another difference from the Grand Warden: the Apprentice Warden cannot fly. However, this new troop can pass over Walls in ground mode. Additionally, it inflicts moderately low damage per second through its slingshot, which targets ground and air units.

Offensive Strategy

The Apprentice Warden's aura doesn't stack with the Life Aura from the Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. Instead, it prioritizes the strongest one. As it provides an uncapped health bonus, it's more powerful for higher-health troops.

Players should use the Apprentice Warden where there's no support from the Grand Warden, but this new troop is also great for funneling or a kill squad if combined with it.

The Apprentice Warden can also support the Archer Queen and boost Siege Machines' health and lifetimes.

Defensive Strategy

As it boosts health with no limit, players can also use the Apprentice Warden to support tank Clan Castle troops.

This new troop can also boost heroes in the center of the base. However, it's important to know that placing the Apprentice Warden near the defending Grand Warden will trigger the Life Aura, meaning you may lose one of the aura's potential.

Super Hog Rider

It's a Super Troop, and you can unlock it by boosting the Hog Rider once it reaches level 10 if you have 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion.

As a ground troop, the Super Hog Rider attacks defenses by bypassing Walls in a similar fashion to the Hog Rider. Also, it prioritizes defensive structures over other targets.

The Super Hog Rider bypasses enemy troops and buildings if there are defenses on the battlefield, even if they're under attack from heroes, Clan Castle troops, and Skeleton Trap skeletons.

Also, it's the only troop in Clash of Clans that can split into two different sub-troops when defeated – the Super Ride and the Super Hog. They continue to fight as single troops upon death.

Offensive Strategy

A Super Hog Rider is more durable than a regular Hog Rider, so it's great for queen charges. Also, these new troops are less prone to bomb towers.

As mentioned, the Super Hog Rider splits up once defeated, summoning a Hog and a Rider to work as single troops.

Since the Hog can be a tank and the Rider can deal damage, use the Super Hog Rider's splitting ability to your advantage if you have these new troops in your army. Also, you can pair it with the Warden.

Defensive Strategy

Super Hog Riders should be good defending troops as they contain two buffed Hog Riders for a 12-housing space. However, an Archer Queen backed by 5 Healers is more effective.

Final Thoughts

These new troops have revolutionized the Clash of Clans experience and brought more exciting options to Clan Wars.

However, the battlefield is still challenging. If you want to improve your game, besides getting to know the Apprentice Warden and the Super Hog Rider, you should consider CoC coaching!

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