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Buy Genshin Impact Accounts - Genshin Impact Accounts Marketplace

Buy Genshin Impact Accounts - Genshin Impact Accounts Marketplace

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About Genshin Impact

Explore the world of Teyvat, in search of adventure! Danger lurks everywhere and players should always be ready with a strong character to survive! Pick up a top-tier account from igitems today and be fully prepared for whatever this game throws at you!

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world-action role-playing game set in the fantasy genre that is available on PC, mobile, and consoles. As the second title from miHoYo to feature original IP after Gun GirlZ, it has been developed with an emphasis on storytelling as well as customization so players can create their own hero or heroine outfitted specifically for combat gameplay throughout various environments.

Genshin Impact is an open-world multiplayer video game with RPG elements and crossplay options. The player explores the map by walking, climbing, gliding, and swimming as necessary while controlling up to four characters at once. Completing quests that progress their story unlocks 24 different playable characters for them in total. The game's mechanics are vast and complex, with many different skills to learn. There are two unique combat skills for each character: one normal and one special skill.

The normal skill can be used at any time except for when your character is afflicted by a cooldown period after use. The special skill centers around seven different natural elements: Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. Genshin Impact's gameplay is diverse and interesting. For example, players can cook food to restore their health or unleash powerful attacks with the right recipes.

Features of A Genshin Impact Account

The game has a system similar to account level in other games where the player’s progress through an Adventure Rank (AR) can be tracked. Higher AR has features unavailable to lower-ranked players, as well as stronger enemies that they have to defeat which in turn provide greater rewards. The higher your AR, the stronger and fiercer enemies will appear. It caps at 6 Ascension stages and a maximum level of 90 at 50 AR.

Every player has their own luck. Some might have all the 5-star characters while others might own fewer but with upgraded constellations, it’s all up to RNG. There is a chance that players end up having many duplicates of the same 4-star heroes. This leads players into a variety of what types and quantities they use during matches since not everyone uses every single hero available at once.

Why Buy A Genshin Impact Account?

Welcome to the world of Teyvat. Beautiful scenery and rolling green hills offer peace for those who explore them while clear rivers provide relaxation in between adventures. However, no matter which way you go on your journey there will always be tough enemies to face around the corner. Starting out as an adventurer could be a bit scary, but with careful planning and preparation, you can easily thrive in this beautiful but dangerous land. The best way for players who want to survive their adventures is by making sure they have characters that are well leveled and equipped at all times.

Getting a Genshin Impact account is not hard at all. You can choose to register on the game’s official website and level up naturally all by yourself; or you can opt for purchasing a Genshin Impact account, which speeds up the process of gameplay and enhances your adventure.

A new kind of currency has been introduced for this game: Genesis Crystals! You can use these crystals in-game and convert them directly into Primogems after each recharge period for use of certain premium services, such as drawing new weapons and characters and purchasing consumables. In addition to direct recharge, there are many ways for players to obtain Primogems. But they all take a long time. You can accumulate the stones and purchase 5-star characters with them. But sometimes you'll spend your hard-earned currency only to be left disappointed by a lower than expected character grade or rarity level.

It makes perfect sense why players turn to third-party websites like igitems for Genshin Impact accounts. Here we only offer verified Genshin Impact accounts that are manually leveled up by professional players. This allows you to easily obtain any five-star character you want and so you can really enjoy your favorite game.

Why Choose iGitems for Buying A Genshin Account?

iGitems is a reputable third-party game product and service provider that has been around for years and knows the industry well. We always provide players with high-quality products and services, fast delivery timescales, as well as cheap prices to make sure you always get the best deals. In comparison to other websites, iGitems has the following advantages.

iGitems is committed to ensuring that every player's Genshin Impact account purchase goes as smoothly and securely as possible. We ensure accounts are in a safe state with manual account acquisitions, so you can rest easy knowing no one will ban it or punish you for making this purchase decision. In addition, we offer secure payment methods including all major credit cards through our website. We have professional customer service representatives available 24 hours per day who will answer any questions you might have about Genshin Impact accounts and more. Fancy a Genshin Impact account and want to enjoy the game more? Check out all your options now!