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Genshin Impact

What Happened to Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy, considered one of the rarest characters in miHoYo's Genshin Impact, is a heroine from Horizon Zero Dawn who came to this popular action role-playing game as a crossover character.

However, if you tried to add Aloy to your adventurer roster, you probably realized you were no longer able to acquire this character. What happened to this heroine? Will she ever come back? Here's everything you should know about it!

Aloy – Character Description

Many players managed to obtain Aloy but underestimated her powers. However, this character brought many surprises.

The Horizon Zero Dawn heroine is a five-star Cryo bow user. Aloy could maximize her strikes by integrating Cryo, one of the seven Elements.

Thanks to this impressive ability, Aloy could also use her Burst to unleash wide-ranging AoE damage. It also generates many Cryo particles. However, that's not all.

Since her Burst's cooldown and energy needs were low, Aloy was seen as an impressive quick-swap unit. Her talent could help other Cryo characters. Players who understood these qualities and added this heroine to their rosters enjoyed many advantages.

Aloy's Popularity in Genshin Impact

It's no secret that Genshin Impact is quite popular. While other games rely on premium currencies to draw players' attention, such as Clash of Cans, this one focuses on its characters.

An impressive catalog of fascinating characters and crossovers has attracted more players over the years, boosting Genshin Impact's appeal.

One of them was Aloy. This heroine from Horizon Zero Dawn was a playable character in this action role-playing game. Players could obtain her through the in-game mailbox before the 2.3 maintenance patch in November 2021 if they were using the PC or mobile versions or the PlayStation console.

She was expected to remain playable in Genshin Impact for only a brief period after the collaboration event. However, fans waited a long time for her Constellations to be available, and it never happened.

Many players were rewarded with a copy of Aloy, but the chance of obtaining this character is over. She is no longer available.

Genshin Impact Players Can No Longer Gain Aloy. Why Did This Happen?

The reason why Genshin Impact players can no longer get Aloy is simply because the event that rewarded them with this character ended.

Aloy didn't even have a banner since she was released. Additionally, this character doesn't have Constellations, meaning players cannot upgrade her abilities. It suggests that she is unlikely to return to this game. However, Genshin Impact issued a birthday note for this heroine a few months ago, which may indicate otherwise.

Players Were Already Forgetting Aloy

Aloy doesn't have Constellations, and the only way to get some for a character is through duplicates. However, this process involves pulling on banners repeatedly.

As mentioned, this heroine didn't have a banner. Therefore, players haven't found a way to obtain multiple copies of Aloy to reach the maximum amount of Constellations a character can have. It's also known as "C6."

Also, it was never mentioned if she was even anywhere in the game! This made it easier for players to forget about this character.

However, Aloy sent a letter on her birthday to announce that she had joined the Adventurers' Guild. Furthermore, this character began to take on commissions.

The letter even mentioned that Aloy had been given "a few trivial tasks" before her skills were finally recognized after she disassembled three Ruin Guards.

Fans quickly commented on the letter, saying it was the "saddest thing they had ever read in their entire lives." Many demanded upgrades for Aloy.

Since interacting with Aloy may require voice work and other collaborative projects, it's hard to imagine that there will come a time when players will see her full potential. However, the text she got instead of her Constellations fuels hope for a possible return.

Final Thoughts: Will Aloy Ever Come Back?

Both in-game and in the Q&A section about this heroine, you can find this message: "The time has not yet come for Aloy's corner of the night sky to light up."

While that means the popular and beloved Alloy doesn't have Constellations in the game, it may be an indicator that the character could finally get these upgrades somewhere in the future.

What can players do while waiting for it? Well, other Cryo players can add value to their rosters, including Shenhe and Ayaka.

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