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Why Riot Changes the Meta Before Worlds?

Anyone who has ever played LoL will know that the game’s developers, Riot, regularly change the Meta before publishing fresh worlds. Players who are not used to this kind of gaming experience may find this to be quite annoying.


However, for the LoL veterans out there, this is a situation that they have not only gotten used to over the years but have come to understand and appreciate it.


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It’s a Big Responsibility


Keeping the LoL running smoothly is a big task, one that even a powerhouse such as Riot would struggle to handle on its own. This is why it regularly works with smaller game developers to help with updating new patches and keeping the game running with minimal lagging and other issues.


There are 8 million LoL players scattered across the world, and they each have unique characters whose powers and abilities continuously level up as the game progresses. To keep the game as fair as possible, Riot has tasked 15 developers to work in teams around the clock on Meta changes alone.


Two Main Reasons


To break it down in simpler terms, the following are the two main reasons why Riot regularly Updates its Meta:


  • Patch Has Been Played Too Long


LoL players can be very intense and focused sometimes, to the point that regular players take this game a lot more seriously than you would imagine. As a result, after a patch has been played for too long, some of the better players are quick to learn a few tricks that can give them an unfair advantage over their competitors.


One such scenario is when a player who has been playing the game for an entire week has learned the interactions between characters and various game items. When such a player comes up against a new player, they will have a distinct advantage and are more likely to win.


Riot prefers that players win based on talent alone, rather than any pre-existing knowledge of how the LoL environment is set up.


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  • Regular Patch Cycle


Besides trying to keep things on an even playing field, there is also the issue of keeping things fresh and exciting for all players. It is not a simple thing to get an 8 million-strong flowing around the world.


This means Riot has a predetermined cycle for changing the environments every few weeks. Regardless of how long a player has been playing the game, they are sure to come across new challenges every few weeks.


What This Means for Players


The constant changing of the Meta means that LoL is not an easy game to master. Players have to remain on their toes at all times. This is part of the reason why some of the game's greatest players have earned legendary status.


LoL is also not a game for people who have very limited computer skills. Constant adjustments and loading of new patches are all part and parcel of the game, which are things that an inexperienced player might straddle to do.

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