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League of Legends Patch Notes 12.8

Patch Notes

The Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is approaching, which means fresh changes are on the way. Riot will not have enough time to make item changes, but new champion buffs, as well as a few adjustments and nerfs, will be available. Many of the game's champions will experience significant changes in Patch 12.8, which may cause some characters to play differently. As Riot attempts to balance the various champions and items, patch notes can often radically alter the game.

The most recent League of Legends update includes various balancing tweaks as well as changes to a number of underutilized heroes to make them more viable. With League of Legends Update 12.8 comes a small overhaul for Swain, with various quality-of-life tweaks made by the devs. Kassadin and Ezreal have received boosts, but Jinx and Xayah have had their abilities reduced.

Patch 12.8 introduces new skins for Sivir, Kayle, and Sejuani for Solar Eclipse; for Senna and Aatrox for Lunar Eclipse; and other equally unique skins for Yasuo and Gangplank. We also get our first look at Swain's mid-scope adjustments, with more to come in a later update for Olaf. But all is not about Swain; there are additional changes to the 18 champions you can consider.

What’s New in League of Legends Patch 12.8?

Swain will return to the roster of mid and support characters in this release. Swain and other champions will also be given buffs. This will result in new game changes, including champions.



According to Patch Notes, Swain has shown to be a significant bot lane champion during the previous min rework. He must, however, face his foes in the solo lane as the leader of Noxian's front lane.

Swain's passive effect will be enhanced with extra healing, and his E will be reactivated to absorb all enemy strikes. However, he won't be able to summon opponents anymore who have been rendered immobile by his teammates.


Bard is one of the most underrated and undervalued supports in the solo lane, he is a rare choice among the players, but he has an incredible roaming potential as support. His updates may not seem that drastic, but they can encourage the players at all levels using Bard’s powers and abilities. Bard’s changes may be the missing piece needed to put him into the spotlight.


At three levels, Ezreal’s True Shot Barrage cooldown will be considerably decreased, and at the top level, it will be 30 seconds.

Given that he was a great champion already, the improvement will help him increase his selection rate in a variety of formats. Pro players would be able to use it a lot more for clearing waves and much more regularly in longer ranges of vision checks, while solo queue players would be able to attack with guaranteed kills and aims.


The buff duration can enhance his ability to merge with some of the most supports in the meta. While Jhin seems to dominate in the ADC-centric meta, he still has a lot to offer with his longer durations of root and roaming half to mid.

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