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Weapon Meta in Valorant 2023: Which Guns Rule the Game?

Valorant guns are the most important part of the games, as happens with every gun game. Regardless of that, Valorant is not similar to any game you’ve played before thanks to how it integrates each agent’s abilities to the weapons you have. 


Similar to what happens with other Riot Games releases such as League of Legends, the balance team nerfs and buffs those weapons from time to time to make the game more interesting and adapt it to the new changes. That creates a meta of the best agents and guns of the game. 


If you play Valorant often and want to get to a higher rank when the new Act comes, you must understand the meta and use it to your favor. People who ignore it will never climb the ranked ladder. 


We are here to tell you all the weapons that are currently on the meta for you to win more matches and reach your Elo goal. Remember this will change when a new patch comes, so stay tuned to the latest balance changes to keep up with the meta. 




The Vandal is one of the classic Valorant weapons players love to use. Even beginners know how effective it is. Why is this weapon that effective? Due to its high damage output and accuracy. You can use it as a one-shot headshot kill weapon, and that makes it fun to play.  


One of the main benefits of using this weapon is that it’s good for long and short-range encounters, which makes it one of the most complete and balanced weapons in the game. Expect it to keep being a good choice in other patches. 




If we are talking about fun to play weapons, we can’t forget about the Phantom. This rifle has a high rate of fire and accuracy, and that’s the main reason people love to use it. Its silenced mode is perfect for higher ELOs where stealthy plays are essential. 


It does less damage than the Vandal, but it makes up for that with its additional features and faster fire rates. The Phantom is deadly effective in short-range encounters, so we recommend keeping it close to your enemies when you use it. 




Not many people like to use snipers to play because they require a higher level of skill, but once you learn to use them, you can become a way better player than before. The Operator is a sniper rifle that’s almost always in the Valorant meta. You can clutch a round against all the enemy members if you know how to use this weapon. 


The best thing about the Operator is that you can use it to lock down whole parts of the map, which makes it more challenging for your enemies to push or hold an angle. You can use it regardless of the game mode you want to play. 




Although they are not as popular as fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns are a great choice for players looking forward to buying an affordable option in the early game. If that’s what you want, buy the Spectre. 




Revolvers are one of the best weapons you can pick in a gun video game, and Valorant is no exception. When you pick the Sherif, you can one-shot kill any enemy that comes near you. That makes it a dangerous tool for short-range pros




Ares is the last weapon in this list of the best guns for the meta. This light machine gun has a high rate of fire and a large magazine size, so you can use it to suppress your enemies or hold angles. 


Wrapping Up 


You shouldn’t play with weapons you don’t like using, but remember that using the right ones will help you climb the ranked ladder faster. Stick to the tips you read on this page and reach your ELO goal! 

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