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The Best Valorant Agents for Beginners: Tips and Recommendations

Welcome to the world of one of the craziest and most popular FPS tactical shooter games out there! If you're looking to have some fun with friends, improve your skills, and rank up to compete in Premier Open Beta, then you've come to the right place.


One of the aspects that make Valorant so exciting is its agents. Each agent has unique skills and abilities, and as you progress through the game, you'll unlock them one by one. 


However, as a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by the number of agents available and might not know which ones to choose.


The Four Most Newbie-friendly Valorant Agents


Currently, the Valorant roster has 20+ agents, with Gekko being the newest addition to the team. However, for those who just installed the game, it's best to stick to the easiest agents to play, which we'll list below. We hope you'll find someone to main by the end of this post! 


  1. Sage – Sentinel 


First up, we have Sage, the queen of healing. Her abilities include the following:


  • Healing herself and her teammates.
  • Reviving fallen allies.
  • Putting up walls to block off areas. 


This sentinel is an excellent agent on your team, especially in clutch situations where you need some healing to get you back in the game.


You can also use her "Slow Orbs" to delay enemies from entering a site, especially if you're holding it alone. 


  1. Reyna – Duelist 


If you're looking for an agent that's a little more aggressive, consider Reyna. She's a duelist, meaning her skills are geared toward taking down enemies. However, note that Reyna’s abilities are based sharply on your aim.


This Mexican agent can heal herself by consuming a "Soul Orb" and become invulnerable after taking down an opponent, but only if she gets the last shot.


Her "Leer" can momentarily blind enemies in front of her, giving Reyna the time to get past them. Plus, her ult grants her temporary invincibility, allowing her to go on a killing frenzy.


  1. Killjoy – Sentinel 


On the other hand, for players who love to mix things up, Killjoy is another great agent for beginners. 


This German genius is all about setting up traps and defenses to keep enemies at bay. Use her ult (Lockdown) to block an area or slow down enemies, making it easier for teammates to push forward or hold site after planting.


Killjoy's unique playstyle and fun utilities will surely surprise your opponents and give you an edge in combat.


  1. Brimstone – Controller 


Finally, we have the dad of the roster, Brim. This controller is an excellent choice for those who want to support their team from afar. He can drop smoke screens that obscure enemies' vision or even hide your team's movements. 


Brimstone's ult (Orbital Strike) calls for a powerful airstrike to wipe out enemies in a designated area. 


Tips for Choosing the Best Agent for Your Playstyle


Unlike other tactical shooter games, Valorant is all about agent selection and playing to your abilities. Choosing the right agent can result in a great gameplay experience, improve your aim, and help you compete better in ranked matches.


  • Choose an Agent That Fits Your Skills and Personality


Practice in the range to understand your gameplay and choose an agent that matches it. If you're good at holding sites and playing defensively, Sage might be a great pick. However, Reyna is better for those who prefer flank maneuvers and being aggressive.


  • Complement Your Team 


It's not just about your skills in Valorant but also about how well you play with your team. While choosing an agent, remember that they should complement your allies and work towards a common goal. 


In this case, if your party has three defensive agents, consider picking a duelist and controller to balance the team.


  • Practice in the Range 


Once you've figured out your gameplay, it's time to practice with the agents that fit your style. Head over to the range and try out their abilities. See which ones you like the most and make you feel comfortable while playing.


Shoot bots at medium speed to improve your aim, which is crucial if you like playing Reyna, for example.


  • Consider the Maps You Play 


Different Valorant agents perform better on certain maps than others. If you're playing on maps with narrow corridors, such as Bind, consider Killjoy, who excels in shutting down enemy pushes with her "Turret."


  • Watch the Pros 


Take some time to watch professional players and see which agents they use. Even if their playstyle is different from yours, you can still learn a lot from their in-game movements and crosshair placements. 


Final Words


Choosing the right Valorant agent for your playstyle requires practice, experimenting, and understanding your personality and the game itself. 


Remember that practice is key to improving your skills and climbing the rank ladder regardless of which agent you choose. Spend time in the range, learn the ins and outs of your agent's abilities, and try communicating with your team. With passion and dedication, you'll become a pro in no time! 

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