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Upgrade Your Town in Clash of Clans: A Step-by-Step Guide

Clash of Clans is a highly addictive mobile game that has caught the attention of gamers across the world. The game allows players to construct and enhance their towns, train troops, and fight against other players. An essential aspect of the game is upgrading your village, which unlocks new buildings, upgrades existing ones, and improves your defensive structures.


However, the upgrading process can be overwhelming, leading players to feel lost. In this article, we will go over the basics of town upgrades, how you can prepare for town upgrades, and some strategies that can help you upgrade your town quickly and efficiently.


Let's get started!


Understanding the Basics of Town Upgrades


The first step to upgrading your town is to gather resources, which include gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. You can obtain gold and elixir by constructing and upgrading resource buildings while earning dark elixir through battles.


Players can get gems by completing achievements or buying with real money. Upgrading a building requires resources and time, with higher levels and upgrades taking longer.


Prioritizing upgrades is essential for maximizing progress. You should upgrade resource buildings first, followed by defensive buildings like walls, cannons, and archer towers.


Upgrading army buildings, such as barracks and spell factories, will allow for stronger troops and spells. Focus on army composition before upgrading the town hall, which will unlock new buildings and upgrades for your village.


How to Prepare for Town Upgrades


Now that you have grasped the fundamentals of town upgrades, it's time to start preparing for them. You can take several steps to upgrade your town. It can be challenging, but it is achievable with dedication and commitment.


Here are a few tips we like to focus on to help upgrade the town hall as quickly as possible. Remember, the game is all about strategy, and these tips we've narrowed down are the best way to upgrade your town.


Focus on Collecting Resources


Upgrading your town will demand a considerable amount of resources, so it's essential to start gathering them early and devise a strategy that works best for you.


You can accumulate resources by completing missions, attacking other towns, and participating in clan wars. Upgrades cost resources, and if you have enough gold, elixir, and dark elixir, you can easily focus on upgrading what you believe is of the utmost priority at the time.


It Is Important to Manage Your Builders Properly


Your builders are responsible for carrying out the upgrades, so managing them well is crucial. Keep them busy with a project and prevent them from sitting idle.


Although gems can help you speed up the building process, it is crucial to remember that they're hard to come by, and you must use them wisely. You can purchase in-game currency to get an edge over other players.


Have a Plan and Prioritize Your Upgrades


Before you commence upgrading your town, it's vital to have a plan in place. You could upgrade many buildings, but upgrading one means you will have fewer resources for the next upgrade.


With constant raids and threats from other players, having a plan and prioritizing your upgrades is crucial. Figure out what you would like to upgrade and how it can help you achieve your goals before spending your resources on it.


Having a plan is the best way to stay organized and focus on your progress despite the constant threat that surrounds you in Clash of Clans.


Strategies and Tips to Upgrade Your Town


You can upgrade many different things in the game to help you progress faster. We like to start by upgrading heroes because if you have maxed heroes, you can dominate the game. Don't waste time focusing on the town hall if you want to adopt an aggressive approach to playing Clash of Clans.


After heroes, we like to upgrade storage and laboratories. Having enough space to collect resources is essential, especially when your builders get busy later in the game. Also, upgrading the laboratory is a great way to upgrade your troops and spells. Make sure your laboratory is constantly working 24/7!


You should consider upgrading the barracks, spell factory, Clan castle, and army camp. These are essential upgrades necessary when going to war.


Defenses are also crucial because players can raid your home village anytime. Consider upgrading your defenses and maxing out Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno.


The loot you get is based on your town hall level, so you would want to upgrade your town hall after strengthening your defenses, heroes, and military buildings.


Make sure to upgrade your troops simultaneously, as it can have an impact on the loot math, especially if you go to attack a similar-level town hall without strong troops.


Even if you haven't finished the walls, focusing on your town hall before going to the walls is best. Walls don't affect the gameplay much at higher levels, and it can take considerable time to upgrade them, so make sure you leave that for last.


There are different strategies that players use to beat the competition and dominate Clash of Clans. However, it is essential to note that a strategy that might work for one player may not be as efficient for others.

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