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COC Best TH9 Army Composition for Clan Wars

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known and widely played mobile games ever is SuperCell's online multiplayer title, "Clash of Clans." Players must attack their opponents' bases to gain resources, trophies, and stars to go up the leaderboards.

Because of this, it is essential to build an army that works effectively in both multiplayer and clan war attacks. Today we will discuss whats the best troops to use in Townhall 9. So without further ado, let's go!

Do you have issues starting the game? We got you covered, here are a few easy fixes we found!

Mass Dragon Raid

A well-known offensive strategy in Clash of Clans is Mass Dragon. This tactic works well in both online multiplayer battles and clan wars. Aerial sweepers and low-level air defenses are ideal targets for this attack.

Army composition:

  • x6 Lightning Spell
  • x1 rage spell (2 haste spell optional)
  • 1 poison Spell ( for killing CC troops)
  • 9 Dragons
  • Balloons ( CC troops either 1 drag or 6 balloons)

GoHo Raid

It is one of the most effective TH9 attack strategies for clan war and multiplayer attacks. The main drawback is that it requires a lot of Dark Elixir. You only need to utilize it when you have lots of dark elixirs and need an extra star to catch up on clan wars.

Army composition:

  • x10 hog rider
  • x2 golems
  • x10 wizards
  • x4 Wall breaker
  • x2 heal spell
  • x1 rage spell
  • x1 jump spell
  • CC troops Hog rider and poison spell

Lavaloons Raid

Lavaloon is a long-standing and highly effective air attack strategy in the game. Balloons and lava hounds make up the bulk of it. Clash of Clans battles can be won with the proper army deployment by a player who has a firm grasp of when to deploy troops.



Army composition:

  • x3 Lava Hounds
  • x25 Balloons
  • x5 Archers
  • x4 Rage Spells
  • x1 Poison Spell
  • CC troops Balloons and Poison Spell

GoWipe Raid

This Clash of Clans attack method can be used against any Town Hall level after making minor tweaks to the army. GoWipe is one of the most cost-effective assault techniques in Clash of Clans since it uses a combination of Elixir and Dark Elixir.

Army composition:

  • x1 Golem
  • x15 Hogs
  • x2 Pekkas
  • x13 Wizards
  • x5 Wall Breakers
  • x3 Archers
  • x1 Rage Spell
  • x1 Jump Spell
  • x2 Heal Spells
  • x1 Poison Spell
  • CC troops Hogs

Witch Slap

For clan wars, this is a good strategy for using Dark Elixir. Witch skeletons cause a lapse in defenses, letting the opposite side take the base for themselves. This assault method must be consistently practiced to earn three stars in clan war attacks.

Army composition:

  • x2 Golems
  • x11 Witches
  • x5 Wizards
  • x4 Wall Breakers
  • x2 Jump Spells (8 earthquake is optional)
  • x1 Rage Spell
  • x1 Heal Spell
  • x1 Poison Spell
  • CC troops Golem

Despite our best efforts, this article does not cover everything there is to know about Clash of Clans Town Hall 9. The above mentioned are recommended by top players, and I myself have used them before on clan wars. Mass drug is effective on weak TH 9 bases, and Witch slap is very effective on strong TH9 bases.

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