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The Book of Everything in Clash of Clans

Among all the mobile strategy games you can get your hands on now, Clash of Clans is and has traditionally been one of the most popular. After all, it's been on iOS since 2012 and on Android since 2013, and it's still going today.

One of the most prevalent themes is that of magical items, which span several categories. One of these is Books.

Upgrades, as you may know, are a major part of Clash of Clans, and Books give you a bit of an advantage by allowing you to immediately finish them. Depending on the kind of upgrade you're doing, you will want access to different kinds of Books.

In Clash of Clans, there's the Book of Fighting, the Book of Building, the Book of Heroes, the Book of Spells, and the one that is the focus of today, the Book of Everything.

Bear in mind that players are only allowed to have one Book of each type on them at any time. You'll notice that the other four Books have specific names, and that is because they are used to complete upgrades specific to one element of the game.

For example, the Book of Building will be for completing building upgrades. The Book of Everything is special because it can be used to complete any of the other kinds of upgrades, making it incredibly valuable.

It stands to reason then that this is the most coveted one, thanks to how versatile it is. So, how are you meant to get such a Book?

How to Get the Book of Everything

First, Books are purchasable from the shop. Unfortunately, their appearance is random, but you can also spend real money on special packs if you want to get access to them.

You will also find Books appearing at the Daily Discounts Barracks occasionally, which will allow you to purchase them if you have the required number of gems.

Sometimes, there isn't even a spend required to acquire the Books you need since Clan Games and other special events may yield them to you as rewards.

The Lesser Book Clause

As great as the Book of Everything is, the developers want you to have to think about where and when you use it. With that said, there is a clause you should know about. Imagine a situation where you have a building upgrade and a Book of Building. You may also have a Book of Everything. In this case, you may be tempted to use the Book of Everything and keep the Book of Building for later.

The game doesn't allow you to do this. That's because if you have a Book of Everything and another Book that can be used for a certain upgrade, only the one that is specific to the said upgrade will be available.

Using the example presented, this means that only the Book of Building will be present for you to use for the upgrade. So, if you want to use your Book of Everything, it must be a case where there are no Books of Building available.

Limitations on Other Magic Items

As indicated before, you are limited to a single Book on your person. There are limitations to other magic items too, with the limit being one for runes, 25 for wall rings, and five for potions.

In fact, if you are already at your limit, you can't even purchase the item from a trader, nor will you be able to receive any more from completing a special event until you've used what you're holding.

Unfortunately, when you complete an event and don't have room, you're not able to come back to it later. Instead, you will just have to accept a gem reward.

There was a time when it was possible to exceed the storage limits of items, but a change was made to Clash of Clans in November 2018, which stopped this from being the case.

Wrapping Up

Magic items are incredible, thanks to the different boosts that you can get from them. They were only introduced to Clash of Clans in December 2017, which is the same time that Clan Games were introduced.

Today, it's hard to see the game without them. The Book of Everything is one of the most special, thanks to its unique ability to help you complete any upgrade. Now, you know exactly how you can get your hands on one, and you also have greater insight into a few of the other magic items.

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