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Squad Busters

Squad Busters Soft Launch: Supercell's Ambitious Return

Supercell, the Finnish powerhouse in mobile gaming, has made a triumphant entry with its latest venture, Squad Busters, marking the company's first significant release since the global success of Brawl Stars in 2018. The game has rapidly climbed the ranks, claiming the No. 1 spot for App Store game downloads in all regions it's been made available, per data from Appfigures provided to PocketGamer.biz. Here’s a rundown of the soft launch that's currently stirring up the gaming community.

Launch and Immediate Success

Squad Busters burst onto the scene on April 23rd, immediately capturing the top position in the App Store's game category across a number of countries, including Canada, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Spain, and Sweden. The game didn't just stop there; it also soared to the top of the overall App Store rankings in Canada, Finland, and Spain, and remained in the top five in the rest of its launch countries, barring Mexico where it's currently at No. 18.

Monetization Early Indicators

In terms of monetization potential, Squad Busters ranks impressively at No. 10 and No. 15 in Spain and Finland's top-grossing App Store rankings for games, respectively. Although Google Play download data isn't available yet, the Google Play store page suggests the game has amassed over 500,000 downloads, which could include numbers from its limited beta tests earlier in February and May 2023. You can also jump into action directly by grabbing an account from igitems to jump into action right away and skip the early progression.

Game Features and Availability

The game itself is a multiplayer action title that leverages the popularity of Supercell's extensive universe, featuring characters from renowned games like Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. It’s now accessible to users in several countries through the App Store and Google Play.

Development and Testing

First announced in January 2023, Squad Busters underwent a series of limited beta tests, flying under the radar before making its way to public playtesting. This discreet approach reflects a strategic shift in Supercell's launch tactics.

Supercell’s Strategy and Future

Supercell's journey to this launch has seen its fair share of learning curves, with several soft-launched titles being discontinued. This includes games like Floodrush, Clash Mini, and Everdale. The company has also hinted at another title, "Mo.Co" which was announced in October 2023.

The head of live games at Supercell, Sara Bach, shared insights into the company's revamped strategy for live ops earlier this year, and CEO Ilkka Paananen has spoken about the criteria for greenlighting new games. With this strategy, Supercell has not only maintained its existing successful portfolio but is also expanding it with fresh and engaging titles like Squad Busters.


Squad Busters represents a significant stride for Supercell as it looks to solidify its position further in the mobile gaming industry. Its initial success in the soft launch phase is a positive indicator of its potential in the global market. As the game becomes available in more countries and more data flows in, the industry will watch closely to see if Squad Busters can follow in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessors. You can follow their Youtube channel for regular updates!

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