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Recover Your Fortnite Account: A Step-by-step Guide

Many people forget their passwords, get hacked, or accidentally use the wrong information when logging into Fortnite. There are ways to solve these problems and recover your lost account, so don’t worry - read until the end to find the ideal solution for your case.


How to Recover Your Fortnite Account


You can recover your lost Fortnite account if you're unable to access it, at least most of the time. However, the process to follow depends on why you can't log in. Therefore, you’ll have to do different things depending on the issue you have.


Locked Account? Do This!


Try to log in after a few hours if you accidentally locked your account. It can sometimes happen if you put in the wrong information or haven’t been active.


You may also accidentally lock it if you input the wrong password three times, and the same can happen when incorrectly answering security questions.


However, once you manage to get a hold of the correct information, you can try again after a few hours. If there’s any other reason why your account appears to be ‘locked,’ you need to contact Epic Games customer service.


Did Someone Hack You? Try the Following


A way to know that someone hacked you is by getting an email from Epic Games telling you your password or mail address changed.


If you didn’t make the change, you should immediately notify Epic Games. Once you do that, customer support will ask for all sorts of personal information, including:


  • Your public IP address.
  • The date you created your account.
  • Your last login date.
  • The last four digits of your preferred payment method.
  • Your original display name.
  • The names of all accounts connected to yours.


Unfortunately, if you cannot accurately provide all of the details, you may not get access to your account again.


However, if you’re not sure of details such as your last login date, you can give a close estimate.


In this case, Epic Games will have to look into your case and determine if a hacker got hold of your account. Then, customer support will try to get the information back.


The process can be lengthy and often somewhat stressful. Therefore, you should try to be patient.


Account Merging Might Be the Problem


Some people forget they merged their accounts, and they try to accidentally log into the one they used before.


In other cases, that might’ve not happened, but you may be unable to access some goodies. Account merging might also be necessary to enjoy all of Fortnite’s features, so you should definitely know what it can offer.


Take a look at how the merging process works - if you’re going through any of these issues, solving the problem is very straightforward.


Currently, you can merge your accounts to ensure you can access all of them. Nonetheless, this feature will only help if you have collectibles (for example, skins or emotes) or V-Bucks. Moreover, they should be on a platform you don’t use often.


Players can now move their Fortnite accounts between mobile, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


Previously, players could not log in on Switch or Xbox if they authenticated their accounts through the PSN system. In addition, some people were not able to access their currency and collectibles if they were playing the PS4 version.


With the merger feature, you have to log into the account you want to use as primary. Then, separately, log into your secondary account.


You’ll be able to link your secondary account to your primary one. Then, the second one will be disabled.


After two weeks, your V-Bucks and collectibles should be available in your primary account. You won’t be able to log into the second one again. Therefore, make sure you’re using the right one!


If you forgot which one it was, you can check your emails or contact the customer support team at Epic Games.


Everyone Forgets Their Passwords Sometimes - No Need to Fear!


Requesting for a password reset email with Epic Games is always an option in case you’ve forgotten it and are unable to access your Fortnite account.


Click on the ‘forgot your password?’ option on the sign-in page. You’ll receive a reset email in 15 minutes or less.


If you don’t, make sure you check your spam and junk folders. Then, make a strong new password for your account and you’ll be ready to go.


Did You Forget Your Email?


Maybe you don’t have a problem with the merging feature and you can perfectly remember your password, but you can’t recall which email you used.


Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve your Fortnite account with just your username unless you contact Epic Games support. Therefore, you’ll have to send them an email and wait for a reply.


Final Thoughts


You might not have to say goodbye forever to your Fortnite account. Try the process that works depending on your case, and if you still can’t get in, contact Epic Games and wait for customer service to answer.

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