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Progress Faster in Clash of Clans: Efficient Resource Management

If you play Clash of Clans and want to succeed, resource management is crucial! Players can enhance their gameplay experience and build a formidable clan by allocating their gold, gems, and power.


However, resource management can be challenging for all players. Fortunately, here's all the information you need to complete this task and progress faster in Clash of Clans.


Strategic Planning Is the First Step


If you want to manage your resources effectively and progress faster in Clash of Clans, you should consider strategic planning. Do you want to enhance your defense capabilities? Are you focusing on your troops' strength? Answer those questions and create a strategy.


In addition, you must take care of your investments. Use your resources for buildings or units that offer long-term benefits instead of investing in quick fixes.


Planning ahead will help you optimize your spending and make the most out of your resources to speed up your progress through the game.


Consider the following tips and tricks to achieve that goal.


Save Up Gems


Collecting gems should be your top priority when you start playing Clash of Clans. However, only successful players know they should also save up on this premium currency.


Gems can help you speed up times or achieve other things in the game. However, you shouldn't spend all of them to accelerate processes. These resources are more useful as you progress in Clash of Clans, helping you succeed.


Prioritize Wall Upgrading


You have to invest tons of gold in upgrading walls. However, they're essential to defend your village.


Even if you have the strongest X-bows and inferno towers, you shouldn't forget your walls. These items keep enemy troops out of your way while defensive buildings do their job.


Also, walls increase your village's strength. Therefore, although you must save, prioritizing investment in these structures is key to progress in Clash of Clans.


However, instead of upgrading your walls whenever you can and placing everything everywhere, you should rely on strategic planning.


With a good plan and a solid strategy, you'll know when to upgrade your walls and make the best decisions to optimize your resources.


Don't Invest Your Resources in Rushing Your Base


Rushing your base may sound tempting, but it can be a big mistake, as it often results in weak villages.


While building a base takes time, this is how you should play Clash of Clans. Also, if you don't rush your village, you'll likely have more trophies.


As the Town Hall has a correlation to your trophies, the more you have, the more resources you gain in attacks. In other words, you'll be able to upgrade and level up your village faster.


Use Your Shield Smartly


The shield makes your village invisible in the target search. This feature is available after an attack from an enemy for around 24 hours.


However, many players make a mistake – wasting it. Each attack costs some shield. Therefore, instead of using this feature to attack other villages, you should upgrade your defenses!


Upgrade Your Collectors and Mines


Since elixir collectors and gold mines support your village, you won't get enough resources without them. In other words, you won't progress in Clash of Clans. Thus, upgrading them is crucial.


As you level up your Town Hall, remember to upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors before rushing to the next level.


Here's a tip for every Town Hall level to help you progress even faster in the game.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, resource management is not as challenging as it seems. Also, it's essential to succeed in Clash of Clans and progress in the game.


If you want to optimize your resources, prioritize what you need to protect your village, don't spend all your gems, plan ahead, and use the available features smartly!


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