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Mastering the Latest Clash of Clans Update: Tips and Tricks

Clash of Clans became one of the world's most popular mobile games shortly after its release in 2012. Creating clans and starting wars with others is so exciting for most players.

Besides exciting battles, this video game offers a satisfying gameplay loop, a well-designed art style, and challenges to improve strategic and decision-making capabilities.

However, every so often, an update brings more improvements to Clash of Clans. The latest version, released in June 2023, was no exception. Here are the tips and tricks you need to master it!

Best Tips and Tricks to Play the Latest Clash of Clans Update

There are many things you should know before playing Clash of Clans, but here's a rundown of the best tips and tricks to master the latest update and succeed.

#1 Upgrade Your Gold and Elixir Storages

Whether you're an expert player or just want to enter the Clash of Clans world, upgrading your gold and elixir storage buildings is an essential task.

Players will need a specific amount of currency to upgrade certain buildings. However, level-1 storage units may not be suitable for big upgrades. Therefore, you should keep them updated.

Upgrading your defenses and other things is also crucial, so you shouldn't ignore these elements. Ideally, you should prioritize storage units early on and keep your towers and walls upgraded throughout the game. This is one of the best tips for beginners!

#2 Upgrade Your Town

Besides gold and elixir storages, you must upgrade your village to unlock new buildings or upgrade existing ones and enhance your defense structures.

The first step is gathering resources, such as gems, gold, and elixir. Also, you should start preparing for town upgrades and prioritize the ones you need the most to achieve your goals.

If you plan to upgrade your town, create a strategy to define how to start and avoid wasting time through the process.

#3 Avoid Using Gems Too Often

Many use gems to speed things up, but doing it too often can be a big mistake. This type of premium currency can accelerate upgrades and buildings.

However, players should save as many gems as possible throughout the game. If you spend all of them on rushing upgrades or buildings, buying other things with this currency will be more difficult.

The first builder's hut costs 250 gems, but you'll need more for additional purchases. Therefore, you should only spend them after you buy all your huts.

#4 Learn About the New Potions

Potions are many players' favorite features. You can deploy them on the field during an attack for different effects, such as healing units or jumping over enemy walls.

All players should know the different potions and test them out in the single-player campaign, if possible.

The June 2023 Clash of Clans update included the Pet Potion, for example. It's similar to the Research Potion and boosts your pet's upgrade speed by 24x for one hour unless you use other items to extend its duration.

#5 Understand the Differences Between the Grand Warden and the Apprentice Warden

With the new update, the Clash of Clans development team has introduced the Apprentice Warden. It's a new Dark Troop available from Town Hall 13 after the Dark Barracks upgrades to level 10.

The Apprentice Warden can jump over walls and has Life Aura to boost surrounding troops' points like the Grand Warden. However, there are three key differences between these two:

  • The Grand Warden has the Eternal Tome ability, but the Apprentice Warden doesn't.
  • The Apprentice Warden's HP doesn't have a cap, so it's more powerful than the Grand Warden.
  • The Apprentice Warden is always a ground troop.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to master the latest Clash of Clans update? It's not rocket science! You just have to follow the tips listed above, learn about the new items and additions, and start practicing!

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