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Master the Art of Rainbow Six Siege: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Although people outside the gaming niche think all FPS games are the same, they all have different things to offer. Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most complete ones you can play. 


Becoming a pro at the game is difficult if you don’t fully understand the game mechanics. However, you can follow a few tricks and tips to become a master of the art of Rainbow Six Siege. 


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#1 Don’t Sprint 


One of the most common mistakes you can make when playing Rainbow Six Siege is sprinting throughout the map. That may work well in other games, but here, it can make you die faster.


When you sprint, the players on the enemy team will hear your steps. They will know you are coming near them and will be ready to shoot you down once you get in the room. 


Be patient and walk slowly to make sure no one hears you. 


#2 Aim for the Head


Although most people try this on FPS games, it’s good you know Rainbow Six Siege has a headshot = kill system. Regardless of the operator you use, the operator the enemy player uses, or the weapon you are using, they will die if you give them a headshot. 


It may seem more difficult to aim for the head than shooting at the other parts of their body, but once you master it, you will insta-kill all enemy players.  


#3 Try the Operators on Meta


Most FPS games use the same characters for all players, and the only thing that changes between them is the weapon you choose for each match. Things are not like that when you play Rainbow Six Siege. 


All operators have different stats and abilities, and you may pick a different one depending on the match you are playing. Like most online games, Rainbow Six Siege has periodic updates where they nerf and buff their operators. 


If you want to get better results, you should check the updates the game team makes to operators. Try to learn how to play with the operators on meta and use them before the game nerfs them. You may also check operator tier lists.


Players will always try to ban the same operators if they are too broken.


#4 Watch Kill Cams


We know most players skip the kill cams and wait until they respawn or can play again. However, if you are a beginner to the game, you can learn a lot from kill cams. 


Watch them all and use them to learn from your killer. What did they do? What weapon were they using? Where were they when they killed you?


That information will tell you what to do and what to avoid in future matches. 


#5 Prioritize Rounds Over Kills 


One of the main problems of people starting to play online team games is they want to get as many kills as they want. It’s not bad to get kills, as they are the main appeal of these games, but sometimes trying to get the most out of them can make your team lose a round. 


Try to be more of a team player, even if you don’t shine as much as your teammates. You’ll win more matches than you’ll lose.  


#6 Learn More About the Weapons on the Game 


Similar to what happens with operators, you should learn what the best weapons in the game are. They also get nerfs and buffs, so try to use the weapons on meta to take advantage of their benefits. 


Sometimes, people wonder why they died if they had a better position or operators than their enemy, and the answer may be a poor weapon choice.


#7 Hire Professional Coaching 


The best way to become better at the game faster is to hire a coach to tell you what to do to improve your match-reading and mechanical skills. 


This will help your gaming experience as a beginner less challenging. We offer Rainbow Six Siege coaching services, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.  


#8 Play with Headphones 


As we mentioned before, the sound and noises in this game play a fundamental part in what you need to do. You can hear when they shoot their guns, walk, or do anything else in the other room. 


Hearing those things will tell you if you need to stay alert and where you should position to survive an attack. However, it may be difficult to hear all that if your sound equipment is not that good. 


Wearing headphones is an excellent way to do that. Apart from that, doing it will make your gaming experience more immersive. 


Wrapping Up


It may seem complex and time-consuming to master the art of Rainbow Six Siege, but doing it is worth it. 


This is an amazing game with innovative game mechanics and features, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to play it if you like FPS games. 


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