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How Much Is My Fortnite Account Worth?


Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2017. This free-to-play, online multiplayer game combines survival, exploration, and construction elements, allowing players to build structures and engage in intense battles with other players.

The game has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, boasting over 250 million average monthly players. With such a massive player base and a thriving online community, it's no surprise that Fortnite accounts have become valuable commodities.

Many players invest time, effort, and money into their Fortnite accounts, often wondering how much their account is worth.

In this guide, we'll explain how much your account may be worth, considering factors such as cosmetics, skins, V-Bucks, account level, and more.

Factors that Determine Fortnite Account Value

  1. Skins and Cosmetics: One of the most significant factors affecting the value of a Fortnite account is the collection of skins and cosmetics. Rare and exclusive skins like the Galaxy, Renegade Raider, or Black Knight can significantly increase your account's worth. The more skins and cosmetics you have, the higher your account value.
  2. V-Bucks: The in-game currency, V-Bucks, is another factor that affects your account's worth. If you have many V-Bucks, your account may be more valuable to potential buyers, who can use the currency to purchase additional items in the game.
  3. Battle Pass Progress: Fortnite features a Pass system allowing players to unlock exclusive items and rewards by leveling up during a season. A higher Battle Pass level and completed challenges can boost your account's value.
  4. Account Level: A high account level showcases your time and dedication to the game. A higher level indicates a more experienced player and, therefore, a more valuable account.
  5. Rare Items and Achievements: Limited-time event items, exclusive gliders, pickaxes, emotes, and rare achievements contribute to your account's overall value. The rarer the items and accomplishments, the more valuable your account will be.

Why Players Trade Fortnite Accounts

Players trade Fortnite accounts for various reasons. Some may want to acquire an account with exclusive skins or items that are no longer available. Others may seek an account with a higher level, better stats, or a more extensive cosmetics collection. Some players may want to cash in on their investments and sell their accounts for a profit.

Where to Sell Your Fortnite Account

To ensure a safe and secure transaction, consider using reputable platforms like igitems, which offers buyer and seller protection, a secure payment system, and a trustworthy community of traders.

How to Increase Your Fortnite Account Value

  1. Collect Rare Skins and Cosmetics: Actively participating in limited-time events, purchasing exclusive items, and unlocking rare skins can increase your account's worth.
  2. Level Up and Complete Challenges: Investing time in the game to level up, complete challenges, and progress through the Battle Pass will make your account more valuable to potential buyers.
  3. Save V-Bucks: Accumulate V-Bucks by participating in events, purchasing them, or earning them through gameplay. A higher V-Bucks balance can boost your account's value.

Real World Examples: A Positive Seller Experience

A Fortnite Veteran, named Pluto wanted to sell their account after investing several years into the game. They had an impressive collection of rare skins, a high account level, and a considerable amount of V-Bucks. After doing some research, they decided to list their account on igitems.


The seller found our platform to be easy-to-use with a dedicated community of buyers and sellers. They were able to set their price based on their account's value, considering all the factors discussed above. Within a week, they received multiple offers and were able to negotiate a fair price for their account.

The transaction process on igitems was smooth and secure, and the platform's buyer and seller protection ensured that both parties were satisfied with the outcome. The seller received their payment promptly, and the buyer acquired a valuable Fortnite account with an extensive collection of skins, a high account level, and a significant amount of V-Bucks.

In conclusion, by understanding the factors contributing to your Fortnite account's value and taking steps to increase its worth, you can make the most of your gaming experience and potentially profit from your dedication to the game.

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