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Fortnite's Return to iOS: Epic Games' New Strategy and Legal Victories

Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game, is making a comeback on Apple devices, thanks to a new European law. However, American users will still have to wait for its return. The game's removal from the iOS App Store in 2020, amid a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, marked a significant moment in the tech and gaming industries.

Legal Battles and the Path to Return

Epic Games' legal victory in Europe is paving the way for Fortnite's return to iOS devices. The European Union's Digital Markets Act, aimed at preventing large online platforms from acting as "gatekeepers," has opened the door for Epic to bring the game back to iOS. This act ensures that such platforms behave fairly online, which directly impacts Epic's ability to distribute Fortnite on Apple devices.

Apple's Response and Changes

In response to the new regulations, Apple announced changes to its App Store policies beginning in March 2024. These changes will enable sideloading apps and installing alternate app stores. However, Apple will continue to charge processing fees for developers using Apple’s in-app payment system, along with additional fees like the Core Technology Fee for apps with significant annual installs.

Epic Games' Stance on Apple's Policies

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has been vocal about Apple's continued control over app store functions, even under the new law. While Epic supports Apple's notarization and malware scanning for apps, it strongly opposes Apple's approach to maintaining control over transactions and app distribution.

Fortnite's Availability on iOS

Fortnite will not return directly to the iOS App Store but will be playable on iOS via an Epic Games Store app. More details about this arrangement are expected to be released soon.

The Future of Fortnite on US App Store

There is currently no agreement to bring Fortnite back to the US App Store. The journey to reinstating Fortnite on iOS in the US remains complex, with Epic Games having been blacklisted from iOS in 2021. This blacklist could potentially remain in effect for several years.


Fortnite's return to iOS devices in Europe marks a significant development in the ongoing legal saga between Epic Games and Apple. While American audiences may still face a wait, the game's comeback on iOS through alternative means reflects the changing landscape of app distribution and the impact of legal and regulatory decisions on the tech and gaming industries.

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