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Wild Rift

Exploring New Champions in Wild Rift

The world of Wild Rift is ever-evolving, continually introducing new champions and reworking existing ones to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

This guide will dive into the three new champions, Nilah, Vladimir, and Hecarim, while also highlighting the reworks of champions such as Janna and Shyvana. All these champions and changes bring about key differences between LoL and Wild Rift, delivering a unique experience to players.

Meet the New Champions

Entering the dragon lane with a lively splash is Nilah, The Joy Unbound. Nila, a short-ranged marksman, weaves water-based abilities into her attacks. She's a delight for those who love the dragon lane and is shrouded in mystery as a competitor in the main event.

Vladimir The Crimson Reaper, adds a chilling edge to the game. An ability power-based mage champion, he can increase his health while dealing significant area damage. His Hemoplague is a powerful finishing move, marking him a great late-game beast.

If you prefer the jungle, meet Hecarim, The Shadow of War. This specter tramples over souls with ease, turning bonus movement speed into damage. His ability to quickly cover large parts of the map makes him a formidable opponent.

Understanding the Champions' Abilities

It's not just about knowing the Champions but also understanding their abilities. Let's uncover them for our three new arrivals.

Vladimir's unique abilities hinge on using his health to deal damage while healing himself. Depending on the situation, he can drain life force, become untargetable, or unleash a blood missile barrage. His Hemoplague increases the damage enemies take and heals him for each enemy hit, making him a sustain-heavy champion.

Hecarim, on the other hand, combines speed and power. His attacks gain strength from his bonus movement speed. Plus, his abilities allow him to cleave enemies, deal magic damage, and heal himself. Moreover, Hecarim's Devastating Charge knocks back enemies, while his ultimate ability, Onslaught of Shadows, can send enemies fleeing in terror.

Joining the ranks of champions, Nilah, The Joy Unbound, combines fun and camaraderie. Her abilities center around shared experience and enhanced healing. Also, her Formless Blade attack bolsters her damage output, heals her, and can create shields when she over-heals.

Jubilant Veil is her defensive mechanism, granting her ghosted status and dodging basic attacks. She also has an ultimate ability, Apotheosis, which deals damage and pulls enemies toward her while providing healing based on the damage dealt, reinforcing her role as a sturdy marksman.

Champion Reworks: Janna and Shyvana

Recognizing that even the classics need updating sometimes, the developers have also reworked some champions. Janna, for instance, has seen adjustments to her Howling Gale and ultimate abilities to improve functionality and prevent accidental cancellations.

Shyvana, a long-standing character in the story of League of Legends, has received a makeover, too. The rework emphasizes her interactions with dragons, enhancing the experience of unleashing this fiery protector on your opponents.

Navigating Wild Rift

As you immerse yourself in these champions' adventures, it's essential to understand their roles and strategies. To aid in this, websites such as Rankedwr offer invaluable resources for learning about the champions in Wild Rift.

Whether you're new to the game or an experienced player, consider acquiring Wild Rift accounts to explore different gameplay styles and champion combinations. It's a practical way to experience the game's diversity and become familiar with the new champions and reworks.


The additions and changes to champions in Wild Rift continue to breathe new life into the game, adding layers of complexity and depth.

By introducing new champions such as Nila, Vladimir, and Hecarim and revising existing ones, Wild Rift keeps players engaged with diverse and unique gameplay experiences.

As the game evolves, remember to embrace the changes, learn the champions' abilities, and, most importantly, enjoy the game.

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