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Clash Royale

Decoding the Latest Clash Royale Balance Changes: A Comprehensive Review

With its unique combination of collectible card games, MOBA, and tower defense elements, Clash Royale has gained a massive following since its release in 2016. 

The latest June 2023 balance changes are here, with players leveling up their gameplay and adapting to the new meta. Join us as we dive deep into the recent changes that are set to shake up the competitive scene.

Clash Royale June 2023 Balance Changes | Complete Breakdown 

The following changes can potentially redefine strategies and alter how battles are fought. Grab your decks and get ready to explore the exciting adjustments that await!

  • Ice Wizard

One of the most iconic cards in Clash Royale, the Ice Wizard, hasn't been performing as well as expected lately. 

With a low win rate, it was time for some changes. In the latest update, the spawn damage rate of the Ice Wizard has been increased from 2.5 tiles to 3 tiles. This change aims to make the card more impactful, especially in the early stages of a battle. 

The increased spawn damage radius gives the Ice Wizard a better chance of slowing down enemy troops and providing strategic advantages.

  • Night Witch

The Night Witch is another card that has received attention in recent release notes. She has been equipped with a new bat, making her more useful in combat. 

This enhancement amps up her offensive capabilities and strengthens her role as a formidable force on the battlefield. Players who enjoy using the Night Witch will now have an even better chance of dominating their opponents.

  • Battle Healer

The Battle Healer has always been an essential support card in Clash Royale, and in the latest balance changes, she has become even more valuable. Her heal radius has been increased, now reaching up to 2.5 tiles. 

This adjustment allows her to heal a larger area, simultaneously supporting more troops. With this balance change, players can employ better healing strategies, ensuring the durability and longevity of their allies in battles.

  • Phoenix

Clash Royale is all about diversity and ensuring every card has its place in the game. To further promote this, Phoenix has undergone a decrease in hit speed by 11%. This tweak aims to make other champions more playable, as Phoenix has been dominating the meta for quite some time. 

With this change, players can explore other viable strategies, bringing about a more balanced and dynamic gameplay experience.

However, with a slower hit speed, mastering the timing and coordination of your attacks becomes even more critical. The Phoenix's strength now lies in strategic placement and efficient use of its fiery abilities.

  • Skeleton Dragons

Lastly, we have the Skeleton Dragons, who have received a substantial buff in the form of increased hitpoints. 

Their hitpoints have been boosted by 5.8%, making them more resilient on the battlefield. This change allows them to withstand more damage, making them a valuable asset in offense and defense strategies.

Key Takeaway from the June 2023 Balance Changes

As the new balance changes unfold, it is crucial for Clash Royale players to adapt their strategies and decks accordingly. Understanding these changes and their impacts can give you an edge over your opponents and help you stay on top of the ever-evolving meta.

Take advantage of these adjustments to explore new playstyles and discover innovative deck combinations that can lead you to victory.

Final Words

With the recent balance changes in June 2023, Clash Royale has once again proven itself as a dynamic and evolving game that caters to the needs of its players. 

The Ice Wizard, Night Witch, Battle Healer, Phoenix, and Skeleton Dragons have all undergone significant adjustments, bringing new possibilities and challenges to the game. Remember, the Clash Royale battlefield is ever-changing, and it's up to you to adapt and conquer.

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