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Pax Dei

Crafting and Building in Pax Dei Alpha: A Comprehensive Guide

As Pax Dei, a sandbox MMORPG, journeys through its Alpha access, players are delving into its expansive crafting and building system. Central to this experience is clay, a humble yet vital resource that enables players to establish a foundation for prosperity within the game's medieval setting. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to navigate the building and crafting features in Pax Dei, emphasizing the critical role of clay in player development.

Harnessing the Versatility of Clay

In the Alpha stage of Pax Dei, accessible by signing up for a playtest on the game's official site, players can start their adventure by utilizing clay—a multifaceted material instrumental in constructing several crucial workbenches and crafting stations. Whether it's creating a central kiln or fashioning sturdy bricks for building, clay serves as the cornerstone of many crafting processes in Pax Dei.

Finding and Gathering Clay

To secure clay, adventurers must embark on explorations armed with essential tools. Clay deposits are commonly found near water resources, such as riverbanks, lakeshores, and wetlands. With a shovel or digging tool in hand, players can extract clay and add it to their inventory, ever mindful of their carrying capacity.

Crafting with Clay

Once gathered, clay can be transformed into various items necessary for advancing one's homestead. For example, crafting Pottery Molds—an early-game essential—requires clay and plays a part in crafting more complex items. These molds are just the beginning, as players will utilize clay to construct a variety of crafting stations, including the Blacksmith's Workshop and Pottery Kiln.

Building in the Heartlands

Players' architectural ambitions are realized within the Heartlands valleys of Pax Dei. While the game restricts building on roads and underground, players are encouraged to build on water, creating picturesque waterfront properties or functional bridges. The game's building system, governed by physics for structural integrity, ensures that constructions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also architecturally sound, adhering to the limitations of a medieval-inspired world.

Plotting Your Dominion

Each paid account in Pax Dei comes with a plot of land for building. Clans within the game often utilize a plot permission-sharing system, allowing for the creation of expansive structures that exceed the size of a single plot. The game's evolving content promises a plethora of decorative items and furniture, some of which will offer practical in-game uses, such as lighting during Pax Dei's nights.

The Future of Building in Pax Dei

As the developers continue to shape the world of Pax Dei, they remain committed to introducing diverse building piece sets and customization options. Players are encouraged to bring their unique creative visions to life while respecting the physics that anchors their structures in realism. With a system that is forgiving to changes and rebuilding, Pax Dei empowers players to refine their architectural designs, ensuring that each homestead can tell its own story.

In conclusion, crafting and building in Pax Dei represent more than mere survival; they are the essence of a player's impact on the game's world. Through strategic gathering, crafting, and building, players can carve out their legacy in the Heartlands, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging in the expansive realm of Pax Dei.

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