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Squad Busters

Beginner's Guide to Squad Busters

As Supercell launches its latest title, Squad Busters, globally on May 29th, newcomers and seasoned gamers alike are eagerly anticipating diving into this new arena brawler. Known for its engaging and replayable games, Supercell is set to deliver another compelling experience with Squad Busters. Here's a beginner's guide to help you navigate through the game, optimize your strategies, and excel from the get-go.

Understanding the Basics

  • Gameplay Mechanics:
    Squad Busters players are dropped into matches with minimal guidance, making the initial learning curve a bit steep. The game mechanics are straightforward—tilt your phone to attack and swipe to dodge or move. To speed up movement, tap-hold in the desired direction. The primary objective is to collect Gems, which are crucial for victory.
  • Survival Tactics:
    While collecting Gems, you must stay alive by strategically engaging or evading other players and monsters. Eliminating other players knocks them out of the game, whereas defeating monsters yields Coins.

Strategic Progression

  • Building Your Army:
    Use Coins to grow your army and create fusions. Fusions occur when you collect enough copies of a character, enhancing their abilities and overall strength. Effective management of your Coins and character copies is key to maintaining a powerful and balanced army.
  • Portal Energy and Chest Tickets:
    You'll need Portal Energy to unlock new worlds and open chests, which provide new characters and other valuable resources. Portal Energy can be earned through gameplay and achieving certain milestones. Chest Tickets are essential for obtaining chests and can be acquired by spending Coins or through gameplay.

Character Categories and Their Roles

Each character in Squad Busters belongs to one of six categories, each serving a distinct role:

  • Supplier: Excelling in acquiring more Coins. Key characters include Goblin and Penny.
  • Defender: Capable of taking substantial damage. Notable defenders are Barbarian King and Royale King.
  • Attacker: Focuses on eliminating threats efficiently. Prime examples are Witch and Archer Queen.
  • Healer: Vital for keeping your squad healthy. Top healers include Medic and Battle Healer.
  • Speedster: Best for quick movements across the map, like Hog Rider and Max.
  • All-Rounder: Provides a balanced skill set, useful in various situations. Characters like El Tigre and Barbarian are strong choices.

Tips for Winning

  • Party Up: Create preset parties with up to 10 people for coordinated play, especially after completing the tutorial.
  • Balance Your Forces: Ensure your army is well-rounded, balancing power and map control to maximize your chances of collecting Gems and surviving.
  • Utilize the Shop: Spend Coins wisely in the Shop to purchase items that can give you a competitive edge.
  • Character Evolution: Pay attention to character evolutions after collecting enough copies. Evolved characters are significantly more powerful and can change the tide of battle.

Advanced Tactics

  • Choose the Right Characters: Depending on your strategy, pick characters that complement each other. Mixing Suppliers and Speedsters can be effective for a loot-focused approach, while a combination of Defenders and Healers might better suit a survival strategy.
  • Adapt and React: Each match in Squad Busters can vary widely depending on the actions of other players and the distribution of resources. Stay adaptable and ready to change tactics as needed.

Squad Busters promises to be a dynamic and engaging addition to the mobile gaming scene. By understanding the core mechanics, wisely choosing and evolving your characters, and strategically managing resources, you can set yourself up for success in the arena. Whether you're brawling your way through enemies or tactically avoiding conflict to scoop up resources, there's a style of play for everyone in Squad Busters.

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