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Old School RuneScape is a popular MMO that many people go crazy for. Some gamers want to grind out their skills to the max, but they simply don't have the time or skills necessary. Luckily, we're here to help! At igitems you can choose pre-made accounts from our sellers designed exactly to fit your needs. Skiller, Pure, Ironman? We've got the perfect account for everyone

About Old School RuneScape

Players in Old School RuneScape can have various accounts. The idea of builds can be intimidating for some, but it gives players more control over their experience. If you've ever played an MMORPG like World of Warcraft or Path Of Exile then the concept should make sense; every account has its specific set-up determined by how they distribute skills among various active abilities and passives (abilities that provide buffs). This means no two gamers will play alike!

There are many benefits to having your personalized build, including increased flexibility when selecting individual skills as well as knowing exactly what particular skill trees cover better than others do, which saves time during the exploration phase.

Buying an OSRS account is a great way for gamers who have limited time and want to focus on other things. These individuals may not be interested in the building process, or they don't have enough hours each day devoted exclusively towards playing Runescape; as such, purchasing one will allow these players more flexibility within their schedule, which could lead them down some exciting paths!

Types of Old School RuneScape Accounts

The question of "What account should I buy?" is usually a difficult one. Runescape has many different types available, which means that there's an option for everyone! However, before making such an important purchase, take time to consider how you plan to play the game and what features interest or concern you most? "Why do people want accounts in this particular way?" For instance, will your character use magic exclusively, or do you need ranged skills? Here are some popular types of accounts traded at igitems.

  • OSRS Skiller Accounts

    Skiller accounts are great for players who want a side-account available solely to train crafting and mining skills. In this case, the character will not have any combat stats leveled up at all; instead, they'll focus on maxing out many of their harvesting or item making abilities from materials found in-game.

    The downside to skiller accounts is that they may not be able to survive in areas filled with high-level monsters. Because of this, there are situations where a skilled player would need another account just for defense and support purposes, which makes them perfect as an alternate main character or sub-account headhunter if you're looking into getting stronger.

  • OSRS Pure Accounts

    Runescape pures are the perfect way to specialize your character for certain types of combat. They can be used in PVP or as a lone wolf, exploring Gielinor and having fun with friends on different servers without feeling like you're not fully utilizing your skills because they only focus on one type!

    A pure is determined by which stats get leveled up most often ( Typically attack, defence, and magic), then depending on what kind of bodied armor/ weapons suits them more: heavy assault gloves if strength-focused; light defensive melee weapon when resources permit. There's no wrong answer here; the choice depends entirely upon personal preference, though some people find choosing three completely separate accounts simpler than mixing.

  • OSRS Maxed Accounts


    A maxed Old School Runescape account is a scarce and valuable asset. Maxing a single skill takes time, but multiply this by a large number of skills available in-game – all with different requirements for leveling up – you can see why these types of accounts are so sought after! Whether a beginner looking to get ahead or an experienced player trying to skip some tedious labor, having one lets you enjoy every aspect of gameplay without worrying about how quickly your character improves as long as they have been leveled enough beforehand.

  • OSRS Ironman Accounts

    Ironman mode is a more challenging and rewarding way to play RuneScape. You must progress through the game without any help from other players, whether trading items with someone else on their account or using an external website like The Grand Exchange (GX). In Iron Man Mode, there's no going anywhere for quick buffs, so mastering your skills becomes key to have high-level gear which will show others just how talented of a player you truly are!

  • OSRS Staking Accounts

    A Runescape staking account is one of the few types of accounts which can regularly produce income for a player. Stakes are when you challenge another person to duels and receive any gold they have "staked" as payment, whether in-game or real-life currency like dollars/euros etc... While this may seem like an easy way to farm OSRS Gold there are always risks involved; inexperienced players risk losing most if not all their stake due to dying.

Why Purchase An OSRS Account?

The first reason is that, with a PvP account, you can save yourself from spending hours on training. You may also want to try out different builds without using up all your savings and losing the original one as well!

Secondly, purchasing certain accounts that have already made progress can kickstart your game. You may be able to skip the mundane grind towards an initial Fire Cape and jump right into more interesting content like boss fights or dungeons, which are available only at higher levels!

Old School RuneScape is a game that looks outdated but has an extensive amount of content, with updates coming frequently. There are plenty of reasons for both new and old players alike to jump on this train, as it provides great nostalgia when you start up your account fresh or play through the early levels again. Some clans also buy accounts from sellers online to boost their strength against other opponents while still enjoying some solo time playing around.

About Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Jagex. The game was first released in February 2013 and is based on the original 2001 release of RuneScape. It is a nostalgic throwback to the early days of RuneScape before modern features were added. Old School RuneScape is free to play, but players can purchase memberships to access additional features. These features include more quests, skills, items, and areas to explore. Members also have the ability to form parties with other players and participate in player-versus-player combat. Players appraise Old School RuneScape because it offers a nostalgic and more challenging gameplay experience compared to the newer version of RuneScape. While combat is similar in both versions, player skills are used much more frequently in Old School RuneScape, making it a more strategic game. There are also many different quests available in the older version and unique items that cannot be found in the newer game. Players who enjoy mastering their skills and taking on complex challenges will find that Old School RuneScape provides an engaging gaming experience that they will not soon forget.

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