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New World Account

Forget grinding for materials, weapons, and levels and start enjoying endgame content immediately with a top-tier battle-ready account.

Leading User Experience

We offer the most pleasant virtual good trading experience available.

Speedy Delivery

Forget about waiting. Over 90% of orders are fulfilled within seconds.

Trade Protection

We provide the safest trading environment. Buy and sell worry-free.

Refund Policy

Our buyers always get their ordered items or their money back.

24/7 Live Support

Are you looking for assistance? Contact us anytime; we're here to help.

Why Buy a New World Account?

If you like to be the best at everything, New World is your game. It offers plenty of customization options and rewards players who spend hours upon hours grinding for items and levels.

From exploring vast worlds to fighting against enemy factions, there is much to do in this huge game. However, it can often be difficult to play through it all with so many responsibilities and commitments, let alone grind an account from scratch! That's where we're here to help!

There are many advantages to buying an account! Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that you can bypass the time-consuming process of leveling your character up from scratch. Therefore, buying an account can be especially helpful if you're short on time or if you're not very experienced in the game.

Another advantage is that you can get a head start on new content. If you buy an account, it will have been further ahead in the game than your character, which means that it has access to new quests and skills sooner. This can be helpful if you're trying to catch up with friends or family who may have been playing longer than you have.

If you'd rather not spend the time and effort it takes to grind up your levels, then buying an account can be a great alternative. With this option, you'll get more enjoyment from the game as you get more out of it faster. You can also get access to some items that will make your life easier in the short term while giving you an advantage over the competition.

In conclusion, purchasing a New World Account instead of leveling one is the best option for those with limited time and allows you, the player, the chance to skip straight to the things you enjoy most within the island of Aeternum.

What Account Should You Buy?

Many factors determine the actual value of an account which buyers should know, as doing so helps them make informed choices on which account offers have prices closest to their tastes and requirements.

For instance, if you're looking at two different accounts, both with similar gear quality, but one has slightly more gold than another in their inventory, then based on this difference alone, the price could be much higher.

How to Buy & Sell New World Accounts

Buying a New World Account with igitems is safe, easy, and fast! So fast, we've created a simple 5 step guide that will help you through the process from start to finish. Let's begin!

  1. Find a New World account you'd like to buy by browsing our website. You can also use our filtering options to narrow down the search!
  2. Check everything looks good with the account from the pictures and description and proceed to checkout.
  3. Select a payment method and pay. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your purchuse.
  4. Obtain login credentials from the seller, log in to the account, and confirm the order.

Looking to sell your New World Account? We're here to help! With our online marketplace, it's as simple as signing up, verifying yourself, and creating a listing! You'll get to choose your desired price and add images and information about your new world account to attract buyers! It's that easy.

So, if you're thinking about selling your NW account, sign up and get started today!

Is Buying a New World Account Safe?

Buying a New World Account can be a stressful and daunting experience if done on the wrong site. You may have to worry about whether or not you receive the account, as well as making sure your money goes towards something worthwhile.

Here at iGitems we deal with this, so you don't have to! Every account is inspected before being shipped out, ensuring accuracy and safety with every transaction. We also have a 24/7 support team ready to tackle any problems as well, just in case!

What is New World?

New World is a brand new MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios. The game takes place on the island of Aeternum, where you’ll explore not only the vast areas but also the various factions that rule them all!

There are many wonders to be seen in this island in which magic runs through since it's what keeps all things alive long past their natural lifespan. The most valuable resource you'll ever come across can only be found here and is known as Azoth.

When it comes to the island of Aeternum, there are three main factions, each with specific goals. The Marauders, The Syndicates and the Covenants.

The Marauders want a "free" nation where might makes right, and anyone who disagrees must pay with their lives. The Syndicate wants nothing less than finding out what lies deep within, no matter how far away from home or dangerous gaining that knowledge is. Lastly, we have the Covenant, who charge themself with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that the holy nature can flourish.

New World promises a vast and immersive experience. By working with your faction, you can use the resources gained to improve settlements in the name of your faction. Each improvement created for this shared settlement will give more powers both to your faction and yourself, which proves useful to things such as armor or weapon crafting.

The benefits don't stop after leaving our home territory, though! The markets are run solely by player-run organizations meaning anyone could rise up the ladder.

New world is your game if you're the type of person who likes to explore new places and danger. With a new unique playstyle out there, it feels like an adventure waiting at every turn.

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