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Frequently asked questions:
Get to know more about igitems:
Alternative 1: In-game Delivery
This delivery method refers to a face-to-face trade set in the game's ecosystem. The seller would meet your character to deliver you the currency within the game.

Pay attention to the following:
  • Time zone differences
  • Server and region differences
  • Regardless of the circumstances, never return currency, gold, etc., to the seller's character after Delivery. In case the seller asks you to do so, please create a screenshot and send it to our Customer Support.
Alternative 2: In-game Mailbox delivery.
Some sellers on igitems might choose to deliver currency to your in-game mailbox. Such a method works well with a portion of online games. Usually, smaller orders are fulfilled this way, as no in-game coordination is required between seller and buyer.
Guaranteed Safety:
We remain the safest place to buy and sell in-game currencies. Our PlayerProtection system ensures a delightful trading experience or your money back.

Best Prices:
At igitems, we provide you with a broad spectrum of sellers and currency marketplaces. As a result, competition among sellers helps us achieve the lowest prices attainable.

Quick and reliable Delivery:
On igitems, user experience plays the most significant role. For that reason, we emphasize delivery speed so you can receive your in-game currency the soonest as possible. Each order has an estimated delivery calculated based on the seller's previously completed orders.
Each sales item has an approximate delivery time to indicate when to expect the seller to deliver. This figure is calculated based on the seller's previous deliveries. The sellers set a guaranteed delivery time too. If they ran out of time, you are eligible for a refund under the PayerProtection plan of igitems.

Welcome to igitems - Your Ultimate Source for EVE Online Items

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game set in a vast, open-world science fiction universe. Developed and published by CCP Games, it offers players a unique sandbox experience where they can explore, trade, and engage in thrilling space battles. In EVE Online, having the right items is crucial to your success and enjoyment of the game.

At igitems, we provide an extensive range of sought-after EVE Online items, including ships, modules, and other assets that can help you dominate the stars and achieve your goals in New Eden.

Sought-After EVE Online Items

Rule the space lanes with powerful and iconic ships, such as the Nyx Supercarrier or the Rorqual Capital Industrial Ship. These sought-after vessels offer exceptional capabilities, enabling you to explore, trade, mine, or engage in combat more effectively.

Upgrade your ship's performance with top-tier modules, including faction and officer modules, which provide significant stat bonuses and unique effects. Items like the Shadow Serpentis Damage Control and Estamel's Modified Invulnerability Field can give you an edge in PvE and PvP encounters.

Accelerate your character's progression with Skill Injectors and Extractors, allowing you to learn new abilities quickly or reallocate skill points to optimize your performance. These valuable items can save time and help you reach your desired skill levels faster.

Obtain rare blueprints and manufacturing materials to create powerful ships, modules, and other in-game assets. High-quality blueprints and materials are essential for maximizing production capabilities and staying competitive in the EVE Online economy.

  1. Powerful Ship
  2. High-Grade Modules
  3. Skill Injectors and Extractors
  4. Blueprints and Manufacturing Materials

Why Choose igitems for Your EVE Online Items?

We understand that you want your EVE Online items as quickly as possible. Our team is committed to delivering your purchases swiftly and securely, ensuring a seamless transaction. Our customer support is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns.

At igitems, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices for all our EVE Online items, providing excellent value for your money. Additionally, our platform uses advanced encryption methods to safeguard your personal information and ensure a secure shopping experience.

With years of experience in the online gaming marketplace, igitems has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable source for EVE Online items. Our focus on customer satisfaction and secure transactions has helped us build a loyal customer base and a strong presence in the gaming community.

  1. Wide Variety of Items
  2. Our marketplace offers an extensive range of EVE Online items, from powerful ships and modules to skill injectors and blueprints. Whatever your needs, you'll find the perfect items to enhance your gameplay experience at igitems.

  3. Fast Delivery and 24/7 Customer Support
  4. Competitive Prices and Secure Transactions
  5. Trusted and Reputable Source

Advance your EVE Online experience with a vast range of item selection from igitems. Browse our marketplace, discover the perfect additions to your fleet, and confidently conquer the stars. Fly safe, capsuleer!