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It might sound crazy, but there is a lot of fun to be had in 8 Ball Pool. Breaking the set over and over again with your usual cue may not seem all that exciting at first glance, however with the right cues, the whole story changes. Pick up a top-notch 8 Ball pool account with incredible win rates, rare cues that’ll make you go “Wow!” and more today!

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Should You Buy An 8 Ball Pool Account?

8 Ball Pool is a popular online pool game. There are a lot of players, and it can take a long time to play a match. It's common for people to buy an account that already has many wins under its name. Should you buy an 8 ball pool account? Purchasing an account with a high winning percentage will save you the challenge of having to win so often. There are many websites where you can get 8 BP accounts, such as igitems, but don't forget to read reviews before you purchase anything online! Here we've listed three reasons why buying an 8 ball pool is better than making one.

Types of Cues in 8BP

There are multiple types of cues that you can buy for 8 Ball Pool. Here is an outline of what they are, and more importantly, how to notice them quickly.

When starting out playing 8 Ball Pool, it's helpful to know the difference between items that are of no use to you at all - cue tips, for example - and those things that may be of great assistance in winning your games. One such item is a cue. Here’s a quick breakdown of each type:

The Basic Cue: This is the first one you will get if nothing else has been unlocked yet. The only real difference between this and any other cue is that this one cannot be used in tournaments or challenges (more about these later). They are also slightly thinner than the tournament cue but are otherwise the same.

Tournament Cue: This is what you will be using to take part in any tournaments or challenges which appear. The only difference between this and a basic cue is that there are one or two images of flags on the handle. Other than that, they are pretty much identical.

Tips for Tournament Cue: These cues have the potential to be the best available if everything goes right - well kept, unique team colors, unique level 3 ball set for maximum points. It's difficult to say whether it'll happen often but having all three criteria go your way can earn you nearly 500 points higher than an opponent with a Basic Cue.

Special Cues are available after you have won a certain number of games. Generally, the more difficult your opponents are, the harder it is to win, and therefore the more likely you will be awarded one of these (or better) next time around.

Tips for Special Cues: You should also consider whether or not your current cue can take part in any tournaments; if it can't, then it is worth more than all but the best special cues.

Introduction to 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool has several styles of games, including Pool Game (singleplayer), Pocketing Game (with another player), and Practice Mode. The players win by pocketing all their assigned balls, which include the 8 ball (stripes) or the 7 balls (solids), winning at least one game out of three.

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