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AR 48, FOUR 5* (Diluc, Albedo, Jean, Keqing,), NINETEEN 4* (most c1)
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I would like to sell my Genshin account to you :d 

AR 48

World lvl. 6

Over 200 achivements

Everything exept Chasm, Enkanomyia and Sumeru explored

Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Chamber 3


it includes: 


Diluc c0 lvl. 80 with r4 Prototype Archaic lvl. 80 and half build Crimson Witch n half Gladiators (four maxed 5*)

Jean c0 lvl. 70 with r1 Iron Sting lvl. 70 not build

Albedo c0 lvl. 80 with r5 Cinnabar Spindle lvl. 70 

Keqing c0 lvl. 80 with r2 Prototype Rancour lvl. 80


Bennet c0

Kaeya c1

Noelle c1

Lisa c1

Barbara c0

Xiangling c1

Thoma c1

Anemo traveller c6

Aloy c0

Yun Jin c2

Ningguang c1

Sayu c1

Rosaria c1

Diona c1

Chongyun c1

Kujou Sara c0

Fischl c0

Collei c0

Amber c0

Beidou c0 

Razor c0


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