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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz Season 3: Resistance - A New Challenge Awaits

Season 3: Resistance Overview

World of Tanks Blitz introduces its latest season, Season 3: Resistance, bringing an exciting new challenge to players. In this season, players find themselves in a scenario where an abnormal object has given birth to an army of hostile battle vehicles shrouded in a mysterious black fog that jams radio communication. This new enemy, controlled by a software called CORE, poses a unique threat with its advanced technology.

Unique Tanks and Progression

Season 3 features a chain of stages with rewards, including three unique tanks: Silencer, Swindler, and Fänrik. These tanks, ranging from Tier VII to IX, will be assembled in the Garage based on resources received during the campaign. Players can earn Snippets to research and upgrade these tanks, delving deeper into the season's story.

  1. Silencer (Tier VII): A vehicle known for its stealth and accuracy, equipped with a 2-shell gun capable of inflicting devastating damage.
  2. Swindler (Tier VIII): Fast and agile, this tank excels in mobility, armed with a 3-shell auto-reloading magazine for rapid-fire attacks.
  3. Fänrik (Tier IX): The pinnacle of engineering, combining sturdy frontal armor with a powerful 2-shell magazine gun, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

Earning Snippets and Season Rewards

Snippets, the key to victory and progress in Season 3, can be earned through various means:

  • Regular and Premium Pass rewards for Operations.
  • Event rewards, Rating Battles, and tournaments.
  • Completing Missions, Orders, and Clan Missions.
  • Participating in Draws and purchasing bundles in the Store.

Rating Battles and Special Rewards

Rating Battles throughout the season offer additional Snippets, with a maximum of 500 Snippets earnable per week. Players can also earn special Reactions Packs in Platinum and Diamond Leagues, valid for 120 days, and use Coins earned from victories to buy bundles in the Store.

Season Tournaments and Blitz Masters: Resistance

The season also features tournaments where players can earn up to 500 Snippets weekly. These include quick tournaments, regular tournaments in various formats, and the Arena Competition tournament. Additionally, players can watch streams of the season's main tournament, Blitz Masters: Resistance.

Balance Changes Season 3

Season 3: Resistance in World of Tanks Blitz brings a series of balance improvements across various nations' tanks. These adjustments aim to enhance the gameplay experience and maintain fair competition. Here's a summary of the key changes:


  • Hull traverse speed increased, and shell velocity reduced.
  • Improvements in aiming time and gun reload time for the 120 mm AC SA46 gun.
  • Introduction of Adaptive Concealment Mechanics.
  • Increase in tank weight and view range.


  • Slight increase in aiming time, and a reduction in gun reload time.
  • Adjustments in average penetration of shells, and increase in engine power.

European Nation

  • Increase in vehicle durability and improvements in aiming time and dispersion.
  • Adjustments in maximum forward and reverse speed, changes in top gun reload and shell reload time.


  • Increase in average damage of shells, and hull traverse speed.
  • Decrease in maximum forward speed.

Hybrid Nation

  • Increase in vehicle durability, adjustments in aiming time, dispersion, and maximum reverse speed.
  • Increase in depression angle and reduction in gun reload time.
  • Premium vehicle reclassified as Collector vehicle.


  • Increase in vehicle durability, adjustments in gun reload time, dispersion, and view range.
  • Changes in vehicle weight and maximum speed.
  • Hull traverse speed decreased.


  • Increase in vehicle durability.
  • Introduction of Improved Engine Power Boost Consumables.
  • Increase in tank weight and adjustments in gun reload time.


  • Increase in vehicle durability, and reduction in gun reload time.
  • Increase in turret traverse speed, adjustments in gun penetration, and reload time.
  • Increase in maximum forward speed.


  • Improvements in hull traverse speed and gun reload time.
  • Increase in engine power, adjustments in chassis, and view range.

These balance changes reflect World of Tanks Blitz's commitment to providing a dynamic and balanced gaming environment. Players can expect these adjustments to impact tank performance, requiring new strategies and approaches in gameplay.


Season 3: Resistance in World of Tanks Blitz presents an intriguing storyline with unique challenges and rewards. Players have the opportunity to engage in intense battles, earn unique tanks, and participate in various events and tournaments, making this season an exciting addition to the game.

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