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Where to Buy Dota Accounts: Top Marketplaces Reviewed

Dota 2 accounts can be a wise investment for people who want to improve their gaming experience. However, it can be difficult to find safe marketplaces to trust your money with.


Why Buy Accounts for Dota 2


Dota 2 uses several rankings to mark the skill level. However, it takes a lot of time to master the game and reach the most desirable bracket level. Buying accounts for Dota 2 means players can purchase another player’s game access for an improved experience.


You can select which account to purchase based on the rankings, which are as follows:


  • Herald
  • Guardian
  • Crusader
  • Archon
  • Legend
  • Ancient
  • Divine
  • Immortal


Herald is the lowest ranking, and most users do not bother with purchasing these accounts. It is the simplest ranking to achieve. On the other hand, the higher levels cost more money. Since an Immortal ranking takes the longest to obtain, a user with an Immortal account can charge more.


Should You Buy a Smurf Account?


As mentioned, many gamers do not spend their money on smurf accounts. These allow users to compete against other lower-ranked opponents but do not offer much opportunity to compete against more skilled players.


Nevertheless, if you are an experienced user, you may enjoy buying one of these accounts as they show how much you have improved your game. Additionally, if you have hit a losing streak in standard match play, a smurf account can help you go back to the basics.


Where to Purchase Dota 2 Accounts


When making any purchase, you must ensure your money goes to a reliable source. Any gamer can sell their Dota 2 account, but finding a dependable seller can be challenging.


Therefore, the following marketplaces are considered the most trusted for successfully buying Dota 2 accounts.




As a reliable source for purchasing Dota 2 accounts, igitems assists in seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. User experience is a positive characteristic that encourages gamers to return.


Most buyers receive their purchases within seconds. If there are any issues, they have access to 24/7 customer support.


igitems exceeds expectations for its protective features. All transactions are secured using reliable technology, and the refund policy assures buyers about their purchases. 




This is one of the best platforms for purchasing Dota 2 accounts. Since 1999, PlayerAuctions has been a third party in assisting gaming transactions, creating a safe and trustworthy space.


Buyers do not give their payment information directly to the seller, which can be dangerous. Instead, the data goes through PlayerAuctions. The platform waits for the buyer to confirm that they have received their product until it sends payment to the seller.


What’s more, PlayerAuctions inspects all accounts that get sold on the site. These are trustworthy investigations, but buyers can purchase insurance packages if they are still uneasy about their transaction.


The insurance offered by the platform protects the buyer from their newly acquired account getting suspended or reclaimed due to an issue with the seller. This is a rare occurrence. However, if that happens, the buyer receives a coupon from PlayerAuctions in the amount detailed by the insurance coverage.


Overall, this platform is reliable and goes above and beyond to ensure client confidence.




Another dependable platform is G2G. It has been in business since 2015, assisting in gaming purchases that go beyond just accounts but also game currencies and skins.


During each transaction, the platform uses an SSL encryption called GamerProtect that secures each investment—no matter how you pay. G2G accepts a variety of payment methods so that accounts can be available to everyone.


To make a purchase, you must have a G2G account. This is not a significant obstacle as the setup process should take no more than a couple of minutes.




What started as a trading platform for gaming accounts has turned into a unique site dedicated to the purchasing of all kinds of accounts, including social media. As such, PlayerUp is known for its success in assisting transactions of accounts, such as those from Dota 2.


The platform is a legit site, as most reviews indicate that users had a positive experience. Some complain that customer service is not too helpful, but all user experiences are different.


Overall, if you are looking for a high-ranking Dota 2 account, PlayerUp is a smart marketplace.


Other Ways to Boost Your Rank


Buying a Dota 2 account is an alternative to spending hours and hours boosting your ranking for enhanced gameplay. However, this is not the only alternative you must seek to increase your standing. Calibration boosting is where other gamers play on your account. They can strengthen your calibration, which determines your ranking at the start of a season.


You can also purchase boosting services to enhance your Dota 2 stats. Therefore, you can pay someone else to help you get a head start.


The Bottom Line


It can be challenging to find a reliable seller for Dota 2 accounts. However, the reviewed platforms above are trusted by thousands of gamers.

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