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Valorant Introduces the “Ascendant” Rank

Valorant wanted to balance out the playing field a bit more. Hence, it has now introduced the all-new “Ascendant” rank. The ranking system gives you an idea about the level their players have reached.


You can figure out if a player is an amateur or a pro by these ranks. The rank system will also guide the players to reach newer heights as their game progresses. Because of the ranking system, the players will know where they stand after each round/game they complete.


Why Did Valorant Introduce the “Ascendant” Rank?


Valorant introduced the Ascendant rank to balance out the rank for the players from the top of the ladder to the bottom by introducing another ranking tier. This game has a rung of a ladder-like ranking system in place. There are already different rank tiers present, and within that rank tier, there are divisions from 1 to 3. Ascendant is an added tier in the ranking system of the game.   


The new rank has been added to spread out the players in the ranking system even more. It gives much more flexibility to the players to recognize their level in the game. The Ascendant rank will slot right in between the Diamond and Immortal tiers.  


The Tier List of the Updated Valorant Ranking


With the added Ascendant rank into the ranking system, let’s take a look at the updated ranking tier.


Rank Tier





















Valorant added the Ascendant rank to its ranks to bolster the already uncomplicated ranking system. The added rank is an added incentive for the players and feels like an important upgrade from the previous rank.    


How Can You Get the Ascendant Rank in Valorant?


Like in the case of any game with a ranking system, you must climb the rankings ladder to reach the Ascendant rank. There are six previous ranks (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) that need to be conquered before you can finally land on the Ascendant rank. Also, as is the case with every rank, you get three divisions from 1-3 in the Ascendant rank.


Does the Ascendant Rank Complicate the Already Stacked Ranking System?  


No, it doesn’t. Valorant added the Ascendant rank to create a better playing field. The simple fact is that there are a lot more mid-tier players in every popular game than there are amateurs and pro players. 


Adding a layer within the ranking system gives the players added motivation to make it through to that level. Ascendant rank is positioned nicely between the Diamond and Immortal ranks, so it is also not the toughest level to reach as well.     




In the end, Valorant has created a new ranking tier to uncomplicate rankings. There were already previous ranks, but adding one more layer spreads out the rankings and gives players another tier to aim for.


An added rank means added motivation for the players too. The updated rank will be added with the new patch.  

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