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A Comprehensive List of Clash of Clans Heroes by Town Hall Level

As your Clash of Clans village thrives, having powerful Heroes becomes essential. Since they're immortal and don't have to be trained several times, these powerful troops won't perish in a battle but can regenerate to face another clan on another battle day.

Unlike other troops, you won't have to upgrade the Barracks or Dark Barracks to unlock a Hero. Instead, you'll need to build an altar in your base, which you can only do when you reach a specific Town Hall level.

Heroes feature a special ability that you can activate manually. Except for those that are exclusive to Builder Base, most of them can only use these unique skills once. Plus, the time it can take for each to regenerate their life varies by level.

Since each Hero has different gameplay, it's important to discover which ones fit your style, strategies, and objectives. Fortunately, you can learn more about each one below!

Read on to unveil a full list of Clash of Clans Heroes ranked by Town Hall Level.

CoC Hero Ranks Per TownHall Level

Barbarian King: Town Hall Level 7 Needed

Known as the biggest and bravest Barbarian, this Hero has a massive sword that can smash anything in his path and inflict an enormous amount of damage.

The Barbarian King, a Hero that can be unlocked at Town Hall level 7, will always defend his territory aggressively.

While he's immortal and only has to be summoned once, he'll need to sleep for some time to regenerate his health if injured or defeated.

If you want to summon this Hero, you need 5,000 Dark Elixir, as this process is automatically triggered once the respective altar (the Barbarian King Altar) is built.

The Barbarian King enrages himself and nearby Barbarians, so he can increase their attack speed and damage. As such, he can be used in different attacks.

Archer Queen: Town Hall Level 9 Needed

As a much more powerful version of the Archer, this female Hero deals a lot of damage and has higher hitpoints. Plus, she shoots 1.5 tiles farther and three rapid arrows per shot.

Thus, as long as she doesn't get injured or defeated in an attack, which would require a regeneration period, the Archer Queen will defend the territory around her altar. When sleeping or being upgraded, this altar will be empty.

Like all Heroes, she can only be summoned once. Actually, this happens automatically when the Archer Queen Altar is built. However, this process will cost you 10,000 Dark Elixir.

The Archer Queen is the second Hero that you can unlock once you reach Town Hall level 9. Many players use her to clear out a section of a base as they prepare to deploy the rest of their troops.

Grand Warden: Town Hall Level 11 Needed

Unlocked at Town Hall level 11, the Grand Warden is the third Hero you can summon in Clash of Clans as long as you build the required altar, which costs 1,000,000 Elixir.

Since it can be set to Air or Ground mode, this hero can fly or walk. In both scenarios, he'll attack walls if most of the nearby housing space is doing the same.

The Grand Warden is often described as a Support Hero, meaning he can buff other troops or protect them from defenses.

Royal Champion: Town Hall Level 13 Needed

If there's a fearless Hero in Clash of Clans, it's definitely the Royal Champion. She can be summoned as soon as the Royal Champion Altar is built, which often occurs at Town Hall level 13.

Among her abilities, the Royal Champion can deal a lot of damage to single-target characters, so she can be used to take down defenses. Plus, she's too versatile and can even jump over walls, surpassing the Hog Rider.

Other Heroes

Besides the Heroes that you can unlock in your Home Village, there are two you can summon in a Builder Base. Find them below!

Battle Machine: Requires Builder Hall 5

Requiring a level 5 Builder Hall, Battle Machine is the first Hero that can be unlocked in the Builder Base for 900,000 Builder Elixir to repair.

This hero is a single-target melee unit that uses a hammer to smash nearby buildings. If it isn't attacking, you'll see it sitting at the top of the Battle Machine Altar.

Battle Machine is different from other Heroes since it won't defend, no matter the Master Builder's status. At level 5, it unlocks an electric hammer that increases damage, regenerates health, and is momentarily stunned.

Battle Copter: Requires Builder Hall 8

As another Hero you can unlock in the Builder Base, Battle Copter requires a level 8 Builder Hall at a cost of 2,500,000 Builder Elixir. It attacks from a distance controlled by the Master Builder.

If it isn't attacking, Battle Copter will remain at the respective altar. This Hero won't defend immediately if the Builder Base is attacked but has an ability that can be used to throw a bomb at a close range at a target building.

Final Thoughts

Clash of Clans Heroes are key to your gameplay, so it's important to choose one based on your style. Remember to consider these aspects to maximize your strategy and beat your opponents!

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