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The Ultimate Guide to Raid Weekends in Clash of Clans

Raid Weekends in Clash of Clans are a crucial part of the game that every player should understand. They offer an excellent opportunity to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals, which can be used for various upgrades and purchases. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into Raid Weekends, how they work, and how to make the most out of them.

What Are Raid Weekends?

Raid Weekends are weekly events where clans attack other clans' capitals to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals. These events start every Friday at 7 am UTC and end at the same time on the following Monday. To participate, your clan must have its Capital Hall upgraded to level 2 or higher.

Preparing Your Clash of Clans Account for Raid Weekends

Before diving into the action, make sure your Clash of Clans account meets the requirements for participation. You must belong to a clan, and your clan must be at least XP level 2. Also, your Town Hall should be level 6 or above.

Matchmaking and Participation

When a Raid Weekend is active, a clan leader or co-leader can opt the clan into Raids. The matchmaking system tries to pair you with clans that have similar building levels in their capitals. Each player is given five attacks throughout the Raid Weekend, and you can earn one bonus attack by completely destroying a district.

Raid Mechanics

Attacking Strategy

To successfully raid a Clan Capital, you need to destroy all of its districts and the Capital Peak. Each district requires multiple attacks to be destroyed, and the damage to a district persists between attacks. You can freely change your army composition between battles, and all players in a clan will have the same troop and spell levels, determined by the level of Barracks and Spell Factories in their Clan Capital.

Defensive Strategy

Your clan can set defensive layouts distinct from the active layout to prevent opponents from planning attacks in advance. Upgrading structures during a Raid Weekend will not affect the layouts used in ongoing enemy Raids.

Rewards: Capital Gold and Raid Medals

Capital Gold can be earned by destroying buildings. Each building has a specific value in Capital Gold. At the end of the Raid Weekend, your clan will be rewarded Raid Medals based on both attacking and defending performance. These Raid Medals can be used to purchase items from the Trader or to reinforce Clan Castles with troops.


Raid Weekends are an integral part of Clash of Clans, offering a competitive environment where clans can earn valuable resources. By understanding the mechanics and strategies involved, you can maximize your gains and contribute significantly to your clan's success.

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