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The Story of Yone and Yasuo's Rivalry

Yone and Yasuo are one of the many pairs of siblings in the Summoner’s Rift. The players of League of Legends know them as rival brothers where one hunts down the other, but not many know why this is so. Well, in this article, we will give you an oversight of their stories in order to understand their characters more deeply and maybe even a certain connection with them.

Childhood Years

The brothers’ story starts in their childhood. In their village, Yasuo was seen as a troubled child by the villagers, often describing him as a mistake that cannot be undone or that his existence was an error in judgment. At the same time, his brother Yone was a more respected child and was described as the opposite of Yasuo. Despite all this, though, the brothers were inseparable. Yone still stood by Yasuo and defended him when he was being teased by the other children from the village.

Sword School

After some time, Yone begins his apprenticeship in their village’s renowned sword school, followed by his brother. During their years in training at the sword school in their village, Yone often had to keep a close eye on Yasuo due to his rather impulsive personality, while Yasuo somehow finds the knack for swordsmanship and gets the attention of their village elder- Souma, and later on became one of his students. Yone was a bit anxious as he knows his brother can be a bit uncontrollable, and he fears that Yasuo might be a bad student. Still, he brushes it off and trusts his brother by gifting him a maple seed, a symbol of humility, to show his support. Things start to change when war breaks out with the Noxians, and Yone is sent to the frontlines while Yasuo unwillingly stays to guard the elders in the village.

Brothers' Rivalry

One night, Yasuo couldn’t take it anymore and left his post when he heard fighting in the next valley. This proved to be a fatal choice because he found his master dead when he returned, and he became a prime suspect. Fleeing from the village only made it worse as it meant that he was guilty of the murder of his own master. Yone soon finds out about the murder and blames himself for it, swearing to track his brother down and make him pay for his crimes; Yone soon finds his brother, and the two battle each other to the death, with Yasuo emerging as the victor. However, death was not the end for Yone as he wakes up to find himself in the spirit realm. Soon after he awakes, he sees an azakana filled with anger. Yone strikes the azakana and kills it in one swift stroke. He passes out and finds himself in the material world again. While trying to orient himself, he finds a mask that seems to come from the azakana he killed. As he lifts the mask, he gains the ability to see other azakana.

He later finds out that azakana’s name, once learned, could be reduced to inert masks of personified emotion. With this new knowledge and ability, he roams around looking for other azakana in hopes of knowing the name of the azakana he had killed.

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