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The New Overwatch 2 Ranked System

Overwatch 2 is out on consoles and computers, and some players find the ranking structure complicated. Advancing has become a problem since they are unclear about the rankings.


This article will help explain the ranking system to such players and explore how you can take advantage of it to advance in the game.


Unlocking heroes and characters are vital in competitive play and participating in ranked action.


Explaining the Ranking System in Overwatch 2


Competitive gameplay in Overwatch 2 uses the Role Queue or Open Queue ranking systems.


Open Queue allows players to participate in whatever class they like in the game. 


Role Queue requires teams to have one tank, two support, and two damage. It offers a rank for particular classes, whereas Open uses a general rating.


The ranking system must first be unlocked before you can access competitive play. This is available to beginners when they finish the FUTE instruction and triumph in 50 Quick Play games.


Players who complete level 25 in the original game also get immediate access to ranked gameplay.


Competitive action is necessary for new players because it gives them time to prepare for higher objectives within the game. It also prevents beginners from slowing down experienced players in-game since they can't get paired with them.


Overwatch 2 Ranked Skill Tiers


Seven medals in each skill's tiers represent the division of ranks. Each rank has five numerical divisions that increase in difficulty as you move up. This means you advance to Platinum-5 only after winning seven games in Gold-1.


The seven medals are listed below:


  • Bronze 5-1
  • Silver 5-1
  • Gold 5-1
  • Platinum 5-1
  • Diamond 5-1
  • Master 5-1
  • Grandmaster 5-1


A Top 500 leaderboard and rank icon gets released two weeks into every season. 


If the season features a new hero, they will become playable only in ranked competitions. The 500 players with the highest rankings are then listed on the leaderboard. 


This is a snapshot of top players, and the individual doesn't have to be in a specific rank to be eligible for it. However, you must first play 25 matches in the Role Queue or 50 in the Open Queue. 


Most of these 500 players are Grandmasters and Masters to come out on top of thousands of other players.


Also, the match rating will decay or be lowered if you don't play for a long time. It is designed to put you in easier matches if you're a little rusty.


How Groups Work in Competitive Modes


Group play has several restrictions in Overwatch 2's competitive modes. Players in the skill tiers of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond may team up with as many persons as possible. However, they must be within one skill tier of them. Master players can also form groups with an unlimited number of other players.


In the two highest roles, everything becomes more stringent. Players who are Grandmasters may form groups with one other player within three skill levels of them. Additionally, only one other player in their region's Top 500 can be grouped with the overall Top 500 players.

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