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Last Epoch

The Comprehensive Traveler's Guide to Last Epoch Zones

Embark on a journey through time in the world of Last Epoch, where every zone is a step toward your destiny. This guide is your atlas, detailing every nook and cranny of the eras you'll explore. Keep it handy as you brave through the game's rich tapestry of landscapes and timelines.

Campaign Zones

The backbone of your Last Epoch adventure is the campaign, a sprawling narrative that takes you through different eras and zones. Each zone has its unique challenges and rewards.

Divine Era Zones

This era is where your journey begins. As you traverse these lands, you'll encounter your first challenges and uncover the world's lore.

  • The Old Road: A tranquil start to your quest.
  • The Burning Forest: Where the first whispers of chaos begin to stir.

Last Epoch Ruined Era Map

Ruined Era Zones

Here the remnants of a once-great civilization offer clues to prevent its downfall.

  • The Crumbling Ruins: Level 9, your introduction to the remnants of the past.
  • Last Refuge Outskirts: At level 10, it is fraught with dangers that hint at the world's dark turn.

Last Epoch Ruined Era Zones

Imperial Era Zones

As you push forward in time, the might of the empire and its subsequent fall become evident.

  • The Outcast Camp: Level 23, revealing the fractures within the empire.
  • Imperial Welryn: By level 24, you see the opulence that once was.

Last Epoch Imperial Era Map

Ancient Era Zones

Delve into the very origins of the game's universe, where ancient secrets and primeval forces await.

  • The Ancient Forest: At level 20, the zone pulsates with the raw magic of a bygone age.

End of Time Zones

The end of all eras brings you face to face with the ultimate consequences of the timeline's manipulation.

  • Monolith of Fate: At level 25, it's a crossroads of possibilities and perils.

Monolith Zones

The Monolith of Fate allows you to enter alternate timelines where your actions can directly impact the game world.

  • Abandoned Arena (Ruined Era): At level 3, this zone offers a challenging battleground.
  • Ancient Arena (Ancient Era): Also level 3, where history's mightiest have clashed.

Dungeon Zones

These instanced areas are the ultimate test of your skill, providing intense combat and valuable loot.

  • Titan's Hollow (Lightless Arbor, Floor 2, Ruined Era): Each floor escalates the challenges you'll face.
  • Soulfire Bastion (Soulfire Bastion, Floor 1, Imperial Era): Where the empire's secrets are fiercely guarded.

Key Zone Features

Each zone comes with features that determine your strategies and the rewards you can reap.

  • Level: Indicates the difficulty and the level of enemies you will encounter.
  • Waypoints: Fast travel points that allow for easier navigation across the vast world.
  • Cache: Hidden treasures that reward exploratory spirits.
  • Quests: These narrative threads provide context, challenges, and rewards.
  • Time Rift: Special portals that offer access to alternate timelines and additional content.

Lists for Reference

For ease of use, here are several lists you can refer to while navigating the game:

Top 5 Must-Visit Campaign Zones for New Adventurers

  1. The Old Road (Divine Era)
  2. The Council Chambers (Ruined Era)
  3. The Surface (Ruined Era)
  4. The Lower Sewers (Imperial Era)
  5. The Temple of Eterra (Ruined Era)

Most Challenging Campaign Zones

  1. The End of Time (Scaled to player level)
  2. The Upper Temple (Divine Era, Level 56)
  3. The Immortal Citadel (Imperial Era, Level 43)
  4. The Ruined Coast (Ruined Era, Level 35)
  5. The Heoborean Shrine (Divine Era, Level 25)

Zones with the Most Quests

  1. Maj'Elka Upper District (Divine Era, 5 quests)
  2. The Council Chambers (Ruined Era, 8 quests)
  3. Soreth'Ka (Divine Era, 3 quests)
  4. The End of Time (3 quests)
  5. The Risen Lake (Imperial Era, 1 quest - The Corrupted Lake)

Zones with Time Rifts

  • The Old Road (Divine Era)
  • The Keepers' Camp (Divine Era)
  • The Fortress Walls (Divine Era)

With this guide in hand, you are now ready to face the myriad eras of Last Epoch and fill your bags with gold. Remember, the flow of time is ever in motion, and each step you take could alter the course of history. Adventure awaits, brave traveler, in the zones of Last Epoch!

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