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The Comprehensive Guide to the Forge in Clash of Clans

The Forge is an essential building in Clash of Clans that allows players to produce and collect Capital Gold, a crucial resource for upgrading your Clan Capital. Understanding the Forge's mechanics can significantly enhance your gameplay and contribute to your clan's overall success. This guide will delve into the Forge's functionalities, how to maximize its benefits, and tips for efficient resource conversion.

Unlocking the Forge

The Forge becomes available once your Town Hall reaches level 6. Additionally, you must be part of a clan that is level 2 or higher to access the Clan Capital, where the Forge is located.

Two Ways to Earn Capital Gold

Automatic Production

The Forge automatically generates batches of Capital Gold at no cost, which can be collected every 24 hours. The amount of Capital Gold produced depends on your Town Hall level. This timer cannot be sped up by Gems or any other means.

Crafting Capital Gold

Players with Town Hall 9 or higher can craft additional Capital Gold using resources from the Home Village and Builder Base. Crafting requires a free Builder and takes three days to complete, although this can be sped up with Builder Boosts or Gems.

Resource Requirements for Crafting

  • Gold and Elixir: Available from Town Hall 9
  • Builder Gold and Elixir: Requires Builder Hall 8
  • Dark Elixir: Available from Town Hall 13

Boosting the Forge

Builder Boost

The Builder Boost reduces the time and resources required to convert into Capital Gold. This boost is available through the Gold Pass.

Builder Potion

This potion also reduces the amount of time needed for converting resources into Capital Gold.

Wall Upgrade

While the Forge primarily focuses on Capital Gold production, it's worth mentioning that the resources you save can be used for Wall Upgrades in your Home Village. Additionally, if you're in a hurry, you can always top-up your Capital Gold production with Gems.


The Forge is a vital building that every Clash of Clans player should utilize to its fullest. From automatic Capital Gold production to crafting additional resources, the Forge offers various ways to accumulate Capital Gold, which is essential for upgrading your Clan Capital.

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