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Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Deep Freeze: Cosmetics Trading in Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Deep Freeze marks a thrilling new chapter for Rainbow Six Siege players, offering a range of exciting features, the most notable being the introduction of a dedicated Marketplace for trading skins. This innovation opens new avenues for players to trade and acquire coveted in-game items, enhancing the gaming experience. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this new feature, how it works, and its benefits to the Rainbow Six Siege community.

Operation Deep Freeze Overview

What is Operation Deep Freeze?

Operation Deep Freeze is the latest update in Rainbow Six Siege, bringing a winter-themed overhaul to the game. This update introduces new operators, maps, and gameplay mechanics designed to refresh and enhance the player experience. One of the standout features of this operation is the creation of a marketplace where players can trade skins for R6 Credits.

New Features in Operation Deep Freeze

In addition to the Marketplace, Operation Deep Freeze introduces several new elements, including:

  • New Operators: Fresh faces with unique abilities and gadgets.
  • New Maps: Expansive and intricate maps that provide new strategic opportunities.
  • Winter-Themed Cosmetics: A range of skins and items to celebrate the winter season.
  • Gameplay Adjustments: Balances and tweaks to improve overall gameplay and operator utility.

Rainbow Six Siege Market Place

How the Market Place Works

The Market Place is a new feature where players can buy and sell in-game skins using R6 Credits. This platform allows for a more dynamic and player-driven economy within Rainbow Six Siege.

Benefits of the Market Place

  • Accessibility: Players can access rare and desirable skins that were previously unattainable.
  • Economy: Encourages a robust in-game economy where players can profit from their investments in skins.
  • Engagement: Increases player engagement by offering more ways to interact with the game beyond gameplay.

How to Join Rainbow Six Siege's Market Place

To participate in the Market Place, players need to follow a simple process to get started.

Setting Up Your Market Place Account

  1. Log into Your Ubisoft Account: Use your existing Ubisoft credentials to access the Market Place.
  2. Verify Your Account: Ensure your account is verified to enable trading.
  3. Link Payment Method: Link your preferred payment method for buying and selling skins.

Official Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Representation | Trademarks Owned By Ubisoft

Trading Skins on the Market Place

Creating Sale Orders

  1. Log into the Market Place Website: Navigate to the official R6S Market Place.
  2. Select the "Sell" Tab: Choose this option to start listing your skins.
  3. Choose the Item: Select the skin you wish to sell from your inventory.
  4. Set the Price: Enter the amount of R6 Credits you want for your item.
  5. Confirm the Sale Order: Finalize your listing by confirming the details.

Creating Purchase Orders

  1. Log into the Market Place Website: Access the Market Place through the official site.
  2. Select the "Buy" Tab: Navigate to the section where you can place buy orders.
  3. Search for the Item: Use the search bar to find the skin you want.
  4. Set Your Price: Enter the maximum amount of R6 Credits you're willing to spend.
  5. Confirm the Purchase Order: Complete the process by confirming your order.

Tips for Successful Trading

  • Research Prices: Before listing an item, check current market prices to set a competitive rate.
  • Monitor Transactions: Keep an eye on your active orders to adjust prices as necessary.
  • Stay Informed: Follow updates and trends within the Market Place to make informed trading decisions.

Security Measures on the Market Place

Ubisoft has implemented several security measures to ensure safe and fair trading, including:

  • Verification Processes: Accounts must be verified to participate.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of transactions to prevent fraud.
  • Dispute Resolution: A system for resolving disputes between buyers and sellers.

FAQs About the Market Place

  • How do I access the Market Place? Log into your Ubisoft account and navigate to the Market Place section.
  • Can I trade any skin? Most skins are tradeable, but some limited or event-exclusive skins may not be.
  • How long does a sale order last? Sale orders expire after 30 days if not fulfilled.
  • What happens if there’s no matching purchase order? Your sale order will remain pending until a matching purchase order is placed.
  • Is there a limit to how many orders I can place? You can have up to five active sale or purchase orders at any time.
  • How quickly will my inventory update after a transaction? It may take a few minutes for your in-game inventory to reflect the changes.

Why Trade on the R6S Market Place?

Trading on the R6S Market Place offers several advantages, including:

  • Direct Access to Rare Items: Obtain skins that are hard to come by.
  • Secure Transactions: Enjoy safe and secure trading within the official Ubisoft framework.
  • Player-Driven Economy: Participate in a dynamic economy that responds to player demand.

Comparing the Official Market Place and igitems

Introduction to igitems' R6 Trading Marketplace

At igitems, we offer an alternative platform for trading Rainbow Six Siege items. Our marketplace is designed to provide a more flexible and often more profitable trading experience.

How to Sell Skins on igitems

  1. Create an Account: Sign up on the igitems website.
  2. List Your Item: Choose the skin you want to sell and set your price.
  3. Manage Your Listings: Monitor and adjust your listings as needed.

How to Buy Skins on igitems

  1. Browse Listings: Use our search feature to find the skins you want.
  2. Purchase Safely: Complete your purchase securely through our platform.
  3. Receive Your Items: Get your items delivered to your account quickly.

Advantages of Using igitems Over the Official Market Place

  • Better Prices: Often, you can find better deals on igitems due to lower fees and a competitive market.
  • Flexible Payment Options: More payment methods are available, making transactions easier.
  • Comprehensive Services: In addition to trading skins, igitems offers account sales, credit purchases, and boosting services.

Other Services Offered by igitems

  • R6 Account Sales: Buy and sell Rainbow Six Siege accounts with ease. Check out our R6 account page.
  • R6 Credits: Purchase R6 Credits directly through our platform. Visit our R6 credits page.
  • Boosting Services: Improve your rank, win rate, or renown with our boosting services. Explore our boosting services.


Operation Deep Freeze and the new Market Place represent an exciting evolution for Rainbow Six Siege, providing players with unprecedented opportunities to trade and acquire skins. Whether you choose to use the official Market Place or explore the offerings at igitems, the future of trading in Rainbow Six Siege is bright. Take advantage of these new features and elevate your gaming experience today!

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