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Level Up Your Favorite Genshin Characters: A Comprehensive Guide

Genshin offers players a long list of characters, and even though collecting them is fantastic, you should also make them as powerful as you can.


Now, there are also fun crossover events that bring in new characters all the time, and players can take advantage of them too.


Leveling up your characters in Genshin is essential to enjoy the game’s features. At the same time, since they use artifacts and weapons, you’ll have to think about those as well. In this guide, you’ll learn what you must know to improve and make the most out of your gaming experience.


How Can You Level Up Your Characters?


You can level up characters in their respective screens using three different items: Hero’s Wit, Wanderer’s Advice, and Adventurer’s Experience.


Furthermore, you’ll obtain those items in quest rewards, chests around the world, and in various shops, including Paimon’s bargain one and special event shops. Getting a large amount of Adventurer’s Experience is also possible in Blossom of Revelation, though it’ll cost you some Resin.


You’ll get the most experience with Hero’s Wit and then Adventurer’s Experience, and Wanderer’s Advice brings up the rear.


Clearly, the higher your character level is, the more experience you’ll need to level them up.


In addition, at certain level thresholds, you won’t be able to simply level up a character. Instead, you’ll need to Ascend them and unlock the next level tier.


Even though you can Ascend a character on the same screen you up their level, it requires more work.


You’ll have to meet the minimum Adventure Rank threshold if you want to Ascend that character, and if you don’t meet it, the Ascension page will let you know you have to do it first.


Then, you’ll have to collect the list of materials the character needs to Ascend. Each character has different Ascencion requirements, and you can click on the item listings to check out the ones you need if you’re unsure of what you should be looking for.


To Ascend most characters, you’ll need some type of gem, which you can get from beating bosses and crafting quests. Furthermore, you’ll have to get a special item (from beating bosses) and a lot of specific materials you’ll usually find in the wild.


What About Weapons?


Usually, leveling up weapons and characters requires a similar process. However, instead of special experience items, you’ll have to sacrifice some weapons you don’t need and Enhancement Ore.


You’ll get different experience levels depending on the rarity of the items you use. At the same time, you can also obtain various weapons from Wishes and chests out in the world.


To get Enhancement Ore, you can either look for it in chests or forge ore (the one you find in the world) at major city blacksmiths.


Also, you’ll have to Ascend weapons at certain thresholds, just like you do with characters. They climb in the exact same way, so they’ll require specific items and Adventure Rank.


Can You Level Up Artifacts?


You can level up artifacts in Genshin Impact too, and they require sacrificing, just like weapons.


Nonetheless, unlike weapons, there’s no ore to use, and you also don’t need to Ascend them. They’ll only hit a specific level cap, and then they’re done.


To level them up, you’ll have to go to each artifact’s individual screen and check if it’s possible.


Throughout the game, you’ll get more artifacts from bosses, treasure chests, finishing tasks in the Adventurer’s Handbook, domain, and numerous other sources. Plus, they will drop when you complete dangerous or difficult challenges.


Leveling Up Talents


New players in Genshin often overlook talents, but you shouldn’t. You can level those up too after reaching Adventure Rank 40.


To do it, open the talents screen of a character to view what’s available, select a specific one, and check its current level, as well as what you’ll need to get it up.


You’ll need specific items to level up each character's talents, and they’ll also require a World Rank threshold.


At the same time, each talent for a specific character will need the same item category, but in higher levels, you’ll need either more items or higher tiers of the ones you already have.


Generally, you can get the items when finishing specific Domains, crafting, and fighting mobs out in the world.


However, if you’re unsure of where to find an item, click on it - it’ll give you some information.


You can’t level up some talents. Nonetheless, if that’s the case, you’ll see a message saying they’re already at their maximum.


Genshin Is a Growing Saga


Over time, Genshin Impact will continue to grow. Updates are frequent and usually include new characters, locations, and quests. Remember - playing is free, so you can try it if you want to know what people are talking about.

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