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Is BoostRoyal Legit? Everything You Should Know

Are you interested in buying a boost in League of Legends? You’ve probably stumbled across various boosting sites, and one of the most well-known is BoostRoyal.com. Now, you’re wondering if this is a legitimate service provider or a scam.

The short answer is that BoostRoyal is legitimate and is one of the top three boosting services for League of Legends.

What Is BoostRoyal?

BoostRoyal offers account-boosting services for many games, such as Valorant, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends (LoL). It’s been in the industry since 2013 and is based in the Netherlands.

It’s called “boosting” because a highly skilled player (Booster) will play games on your account to raise your rank.

There are various boosting packages available on BoostRoyal, ranging from about $25 to $400. However, the company offers different discounts for those who buy in bulk, so this can be a way to save money.

Overall, BoostRoyal has a great reputation in the boosting industry. If you’re unhappy with the service, it offers a money-back guarantee. Plus, your accounts are safe because it feature encrypted connections.

Why Would You Boost Your Account?

Boosting your LoL account is a great way to achieve higher ranks and improve your gameplay without doing the work yourself. However, it’s important to use a reputable service, and BoostRoyal is one of the top choices.

Live Chat and Customer Support

Though most people don’t have issues when buying boosting packages, it’s possible to have questions or problems. Luckily, the team at BoostRoyal is there to assist.

Many reviews showcase how good the 24/7 live chat system is. Overall, service, communication, and assistance are great. People get replies within minutes, and the employees are polite and respectful.

You’ll also be directly chatting with the Boosters (sellers). Expect great service and communication skills. The website is easy to use, and the site is run professionally.

Service Quality and Booster Competence

In most cases, you’ll be working primarily with the Boosters (employees). You’ll find a long list of options on the website, and they’re sorted with the best at the top.

Initially, you see the person’s screen name and the star rating they’ve received from reviews. Underneath that, you’ll find their specialty, such as Renekton or Hecarim. Clicking on a profile gives you more information, such as full/part-time boosting, play time, and more.

Below this, you’ll see these stats:

  • How long they’ve been a Booster
  • How many orders they currently have
  • How many games they’ve won
  • How many orders they’ve completed in the past

Further down the page, you’ll see the Booster’s reviews. Take some time to read this information to get a feel for what they can do and if they’re suitable for your LoL Smurf account.

It’s important to note that service quality varies based on the Booster you choose. On the “Our Players” page, you’ll see star ratings, which will help you gauge the best person for the job. To make it easier, use the filters to select your preferred language, champion expert, and more.


When choosing a boosting service, it’s important to learn about its features. Let’s discuss the UI (user interface), reliability for account selling and Smurf accounts, and the loyalty program for BoostRoyal:

User Interface & Usability

The UI focuses on the website’s performance, speed, and ease of use. Most people believe BoostRoyal scores high on all three points.

When you arrive on the home page, you can see how easy the website is to navigate. At the top, you may request help, view the services, see who the employees are, and much more. Scrolling farther down the page gives you insightful information to determine if BoostRoyal is right for you.

Each page loads quickly, so you can decide what package you want, order it, and get started without issues.

Smurf Accounts and Account Selling Reliability

Many people create new accounts (Smurfs) so they can play against low-ranked players. It’s a fun way to enjoy the game and win almost every round.

However, the people who use BoostRoyal are typically beginners, so they want to raise their rankings as quickly as possible. They hire Boosters to take over the Smurf account and play for the owner.

Another option is to buy Smurf accounts. Sometimes, people will play and raise their ranks quite high, selling the account to BoostRoyal. You then have the option of purchasing it and can enjoy more challenging levels without doing the work yourself.

Regardless of your needs, BoostRoyal is a great solution for account selling and Smurf orders. You receive the information quickly and are less likely to get banned when playing on them.

Loyalty Program

BoostRoyal also has a loyalty program, which is a way to reward loyal customers. There are four tiers that offer different cashback amounts:

  • Novice – You receive three percent cashback without spending money or ordering.
  • Advanced – You earn five percent cashback after spending 150 EUR or completing 10 orders.
  • Veteran – You receive seven percent cashback after spending 300 EUR or completing 25 orders.
  • Ultimate – You earn 10 percent cashback after spending 1,500 EUR or completing 100 orders.

FAQs About BoostRoyal

Is BoostRoyal Safe to Use?

LoL Smurfing is a gray area because the game’s terms and conditions claim it’s illegal. However, safe boosting providers work hard to ensure that customer accounts are secured and remain confidential.

BoostRoyal is safe to use, and you’re unlikely to have problems with your LoL account after using it.

How Does BoostRoyal Compare to Its Competitors?

When compared to other boosting services, BoostRoyal comes out on top. The reviews say it all:

  • Helpful 24/7 live chat
  • Polite and respectful Boosters and support professionals
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Fast service

Is BoostRoyal Worth the Price?

While BoostRoyal isn’t cheap, it does give you good quality at an affordable price. However, the company would do well to include PayPal as a payment option because many people prefer paying online with it.

Final Thoughts: Is There a BoostRoyal Scam Happening?

If you’re looking for a boosting service to help you level up in League of Legends, BoostRoyal is the ideal solution. It offers excellent customer support, the Boosters are friendly and competent, and it’s safe to use. Visit the website today to learn more about it.

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