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Genshin Impact Event Shop Guide: Which Items to Prioritize

Thousands of gamers are now playing Genshin Impact due to its breathtaking imagery, fun play mode, and different options. However, if you’re going to spend money on the event shop, knowing which things to buy is essential. This guide will tell you what to prioritize!


Monthly Pack


The holy grail of all Gacha games is Genshin’s monthly pack. You’ll always get the best items in terms of in-game currency and real money currency ratio.


In Genshin Impact, you’ll see developers are very generous considering how challenging it is to get Primogems once you exhaust all the options. Overall, the best way to obtain them is by completing daily missions.


You’ll get at least 20 wishes with the Blessing of the Welkin moon monthly pack. However, there’s a caveat - you have to wait 30 days before getting access to it.


It’s a fantastic investment for future banners as long as you use the best strategy when it comes to saving your Primogems and using them at the right time. Generally, the best alternative is maximizing the use of the pity system.


Most players say the monthly pack is the best bang for your buck alternative if you’re planning to spend some money on the game.


Starglitter and Stardust Exchange


You can make wishes to acquire the Stardust exchange. It’s one of the best ways to get goodies.


Everything you pull out of the wishes will give you some Stardust, which is a more common currency, and players treat it like a pity system where you can cycle by adding more and more wishes.


In addition, you can purchase five Intertwined Fates and five Acquainted Fates per month at a discounted price.


You can always buy the fates and try to get 10 of the same ones to quickly count how many you have available for pity summon.


At the same time, keep in mind that you can buy any of the available materials, as long as you have enough Stardust to keep purchasing the fates.


Moreover, you’re likely to receive more Stardust than you need to buy the fates if you’re active in the game.


The Starglitter currency, on the other hand, is scarcer in Genshin. You can only acquire it by getting four-star and above weapons and characters.


Even though you can get some Starglitter from four-star items, they’re also very cheap, so it’s not as convenient as the other alternatives.


Genshin offers two different four-star characters, which rotate every month. Therefore, you’ll have to keep at least 34 Starglitters if you’re looking for a good one, either for a constellation upgrade or just because you want to get them for the first time.


You can farm weapons and materials, so it’s not worth it. Lastly, assuming that you’re a hero collector, you should spend as much as you can on fates since they’ll be harder to get, and you might not have leftovers to buy materials.


Crystal Top-ups


The only players who can get Genesis Crystals are the ones who have made real-money purchases. You can’t acquire them through playing the game.


Currently, you can exchange crystals to get Primogems at a 1x1 rate. Many players believe there’s no reason the Genshin developers would do this unless they have other things planned for the future.


Overall, Genshin Impact is still a fairly new game, so there are still many things developers can add, such as exclusive equipment, character skins, and even pets and mounts.


Compared to most Gacha games, the bonuses for purchasing crystals are quite good. However, even though the option may be convenient for those who are willing to spend, it could turn off other players who either don’t want to or can’t afford it.


As of right now, none of the content shows hints of PvP. Therefore, there’s no reason to believe it can be ‘pay to win.’ Users will have to gauge whether or not it’s worth it.


Gnostic Hymn


It’s Genshin’s version of a battle pass. There’s one for free that has decent rewards and a premium version, which adds more to it and is only available for players who reached adventure rank 20.


You can pay $9.99 for the Gnostic Hymn, and all battle pass items are different from the free ones, which means you can get both rewards.


Even though some people enjoy the premium gifts, beginners might not like them as much because you get a lot of them when you start playing the game. In other words, they probably won’t help your progression.


Key Takeaways


In the end, spending money on a game like Genshin Impact depends on how much you like it and how developers help it progress through updates and new additions. Currently, it’s absolutely breathtaking, which is why it has become so popular. However, it’s also relatively new, so it will only improve!

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