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Discover New Areas in Genshin Impact: Tips and Tricks

Genshin players can unlock multiple areas, but it can be tricky if they don’t know what path to follow. Luckily, some locations aren’t challenging and don’t have too many prerequisites.

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Genshin players can unlock multiple areas, but it can be tricky if they don’t know what path to follow. Luckily, some locations aren’t challenging and don’t have too many prerequisites.


There are new areas in the Sumeru region, and they’re another part of this lengthy desert. However, unlike most of what you’ll see on the Great Red Sand, the new areas have a wasteland and an oasis.


In other cases, players may not have unlocked Enkanomiya, buried in the depths of the Inazuma region. To access it, you’ll also have to follow a series of steps.


This article will guide you through discovering three different areas in Genshin Impact. When you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to play and enjoy the experience, so read on!


Get Access to Gavireh Lajavard


Before unlocking Gavireh Lajavard, you’ll have to gain access to all Sumeru areas. There are no secrets when it comes to doing this: it’s a region in an open place, so you can go there and explore.


The first part of the Sumeru region in Genshin is in the northwest of the Hadramaveth Desert. If you continue to head in the same direction, you’ll find yourself on a path to Gavireh Lajavard.


You can quickly identify the trail since it’s very straightforward, and as you progress, you’ll see a bright red beacon, which signals the Statue of the Seven.


Once you follow the path and cross a few valleys, you’ll arrive at the location. Interact with it, and you’ll unlock Gavireh Lajavard’s detailed map, so enjoy it.


Discover the Realm of Farakhkert


The Realm of Farakhkert is another Sumeru area many Genshin players haven’t discovered yet, and it’s the east of Gavireh Lajavard.


Reaching it is immensely straightforward if you found the previous one. You just have to go east.


You’ll most likely find the Realm of Farakhkert’s Statue of the Seven very quickly. However, there’s a catch when it comes to arriving at the location: a gigantic wall separates it from Gavireh Lajavard, and it takes a lot of stamina to climb it all, which makes the process very challenging for some players.


Don’t panic, though. If you’ve reached it, you should return to the Molten Iron Fortress Domain, which you probably found in the Statue of the Seven back when you reached Gavireh Lajavard.


Once you get there, climb above it and go northwest. You’ll be able to circle around the gigantic wall’s beginning.


It’s a steeper and longer path than when going to Gavireh Lajavard, but you’ll be able to accomplish it because it’s not that challenging.


After a while, purple and green flowing energy will greet you in the sky, signaling your arrival at the Realm of Farakhkert.


Unlocking Enkanomiya


Firstly, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘The Still Water’s Flow.’ Therefore, if you haven’t done it, go do it now, and then return and follow the rest of the tricks.


The quest allows you to unlock the Heart of Watatsumi, and to activate it, you won’t need to see any NPCs since they’ll automatically appear after finishing it.


You’ll have to find Tsuyuko then, who’s next to Sangonomiya’s port for teleporting. Join her at the location she indicates, and she’ll tell you about the Sigils and your next goal.


After that, you’ll have to go to different places to collect Sigils and unlock the altars. You can get the first one by teleporting to the nearest spot at the top of Sangonomiya, then heading to the specific point.


However, you’ll have to be careful since monsters will be waiting for you. Make sure you take the necessary precautions and are ready to beat them.


To get the second Sigil, you’ll have to head for the Heart of Watatsumi and go back to the place where you recovered the key to the moon-drenched depths, which you should’ve done in your previous quest.


In this step, you’ll also have to fight, but you’ll battle Fatius. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure you’re giving it your all too.


Once you have the two Sigils, you’ll need to go to two new spots to unlock the altars. You won’t have to fight during this process, so don’t worry - just go ahead and do it.


Lastly, return to Tsuyuko to see the dialogue, and then, jump into the cutscene’s siphon. It’ll teleport you to Enkanomiya, so congratulations! If you want, take the chance to complete the quest by going to the teleportation point.


Key Takeaways


Genshin Impact is constantly in development, and it often offers players new updates, which include fantastic innovative areas you can discover and explore. Since there are so many alternatives, take your time to enjoy your game experience and have fun.


You can always choose to unlock one area and not the others, so the decision is completely up to you. What’s important is that you have a great time while you’re playing!