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Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Power Rankings: Who Tops the Tier List?

Brawl Stars is a popular mobile game where choosing the right Brawler is key to winning. A tier list is important since it ranks these characters from the most dominant to those less favored and guides players through their strategic choices.

It not only influences game tactics but also shapes the way players approach each match. Whether you're looking to dominate the leaderboards or simply improve your gameplay, learning the details of the tier list is important for every aspiring champion.

Why Are Tier Lists Important?

In Brawl Stars, tier lists shape how players pick and use their characters. These lists sort Brawlers by their effectiveness in the current game version, guiding players in forming strategies that can lead to more victories.

Players often choose their Brawlers based on these rankings, as top-tier characters typically offer the best advantage in matches.

Understanding the tier list can also help players identify which Brawlers might be underestimated and ripe for mastery, providing a competitive edge in less predictable ways.

Brawl Stars Tier List for Version 54.298

This table provides a fresh overview of the Brawlers' rankings based on their effectiveness and utility in the game as of April 2024. It reflects their roles and how they can best be used in various gameplay scenarios.





Angelo, Belle, Charlie, Cordelius, Jessie, Larry & Lawrie, Leon, Melodie, Pearl, Piper

Top performance across all game modes, exceptional abilities


Amber, Bibi, Bo, Bonnie, Buster, Carl, Colette, El Primo, Eve, Gene, Gray, Griff, Mico, Nani, Otis, Spike, Sprout, Stu

Highly effective, versatile in many scenarios


8-Bit, Bea, Brock, Bull, Buzz, Colt, Crow, Dynamike, Edgar, Emz, Fang, Gale, Grom, Jacky, Lola, Lou, Maisie, Mandy, Meg, Mortis, Nita, Pam, Poco, R-T, Rico, Rosa, Ruffs, Sandy, Shelly

Reliable with specific strengths, effective when utilized strategically.


Ash, Barley, Byron, Chuck, Gus, Kit, Max, Mr. P, Penny, Sam, Surge, Tara, Tick, Willow

Moderate effectiveness, specific niche uses


Chester, Darryl, Doug, Janet, Squeak

Limited utility, challenging to play effectively


Frank, Hank

Least effective, significant disadvantages in current meta

Detailed Analysis of Top Tier Brawlers (S and A-Tiers)

In the elite S-tier, characters such as Leon and Melodie stand out with their transformative abilities in various modes. Leon, known for his invisibility skill, excels in both solo and team settings, using speed and stealth for unexpected strikes that disrupt enemy plans.

Melodie, a newcomer, dominates with her area control and potent damage output. Her harmonic attacks strategically manage the battlefield, offering her team offensive and defensive advantages.

A-tier Brawlers, while slightly less dominant, still greatly impact gameplay. Piper shines in long-range combat, which is ideal for open maps where she can use her sniper skills to take out enemies from a distance.

Carl uses his pickaxe like a boomerang, hitting enemies twice with one throw and navigating through crowds. Bibi's knock-back ability effectively controls space and repels adversaries, which is crucial in crowd control.

These Brawlers excel by adapting to the constantly-changing dynamics of Brawl Stars and can greatly improve team fights, zone control, and target lockdown. Their skills make them solid choices for players determined to advance up the competitive ladder.

Insights into Lower Tiers (B, C, D, and F)

B-tier brawlers are effective yet lack the game-changing impact of the higher tiers. These include characters such as 8-Bit and Bea, who can perform well under the right circumstances.

8-Bit offers substantial support with his damage-boosting turret, while Bea excels with her high precision and ability to deal increasing damage with successive hits. They require strategic gameplay to overcome their slower movements and specific weaknesses.

C-tier Brawlers have more pronounced limitations but can still be viable in niche scenarios. El Primo and Poco are examples of C-Tier characters who can shine with proper team support.

Moreover, El Primo has impressive durability and is good in close combat, whereas Poco provides unique team healing capabilities, making them useful in specific game modes such as Gem Grab or Brawl Ball, where their abilities cater to team strategies.

D and F-tiers include Brawlers such as Darryl and Frank, who often struggle due to their lack of versatility or overwhelming counters in the current meta.

Darryl, with his rolling attack, and Frank, wielding his powerful hammer, can still secure victories but require careful planning and ideal conditions to truly impact the game.

Their effectiveness is generally situational, dependent on perfect positioning and timing to leverage their strengths.

How to Use the Tier List to Improve Your Gameplay

Effectively using a tier list can improve your performance in Brawl Stars. It would be best if you focused on mastering a few top-tier Brawlers to stay competitive in various modes. Experimenting with Brawlers from different tiers can also help you find personal strengths and preferences.

Also, adapting to updates in the tier list is crucial, as changes in Brawler rankings can affect game strategy. This approach not only boosts individual gameplay but also increases understanding of how each Brawler fits into the broader game dynamics.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the Brawl Stars tier list equips players with the knowledge that's crucial for success. Players can adapt their strategies effectively by staying informed about which Brawlers excel or fall behind.

This adaptability enhances gameplay and sharpens decision-making skills, ensuring that every match is approached with the best possible game plan.

Some of these Brawlers are not easily available to every player. Therefore, it's best to use a Brawl Stars gems top-up service to get the character that you need.

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